Life lessons and soccer tactics

Billy Gazonas was one of the greatest college soccer players from the 70s. He has written an inspiring soccer story that shows us that if you’re really motivated and ignore those that say you are not good enough, you can make your dreams a reality. In “That little son of a b**ch!” Billy explains what he went through, his roller coaster of emotions. The fears, embarrassments, elations, devastating defeats, jubilation in victory, and the drive and passion he felt every day throughout his four years at Hartwick College. It is a fabulous book for coaches to read with some great ideas for coaching skills and tactics.

In this podcast Dave Clarke talks to Billy about his book that chronicles his time in college soccer with tales from Bruce Springsteen to Franz Beckenbauer and includes some valuable advice for coaches on teaching technique to players and using tactics to win games.  Most of all Billy highlights what players can do to improve their game working alone and the dedication it takes to become a champion.

The topics we cover include:

  • Being a substitute
  • Four principles of playing left back
  • Training alone
  • Pain of losing
  • How to scan the pitch
  • Making balls skills work
  • Girls, cars and beer
  • Becoming a champion




To find out more and to order Billy’s book That Little Son of a B**ch!” go to:

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