Looking beyond winning

Chris Panayiotou is the Director of Coaching for Virginia Rush senior boys. He recently passed the USSF B license, and intriguingly is the Grassroots Developmental Technical Director for Rush soccer. He recently did a give back project taking football into elementary schools in Virginia Beach which has 55 elementary schools. The club visited 42 of the 55 schools teaching football in the PE classes and did approximately 80 visits in the last 3.5/4 years coaching over 100,000 children through that process.

In this podcast Dave Clarke talks to Chris about looking beyond winning with an emphasis on educating players and parents in the philosophy he has for Virginia Rush. The topics we cover include:

  • Reinforcing parental focus
  • Keeping kids playing
  • The car journey
  • The impact of social media
  • Evolving your philosophy
  • Video your coaching sessions
  • How to communicate at practice
  • No lines, no laps, no lectures

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