Touchline Tales Podcast: Episode 2 Goalkeepers

Touchline Tales is a season-long series of Soccer Coach Weekly Podcasts with Go4Goal and Leatherhead Youth FC. Go4Goal is run by Andy Maciel, who has over 20 years of coaching in the professional and grassroots game, and Paul Jones, who has over 15 years in the sports and football development industry.

In this podcast Dave Clarke talks to Go4Goal lead coach and head goalkeeper coach Jon Lewis and  goalkeeper coach Salvador Espinosa – also the Leatherhead Youth FC goalkeeper coaches – about  a whole heap of coaching things, including return to play, does size matter, best practice for coaching goalkeepers and why it helps to be a bit crazy!:

  • Dealing with return to play
  • Goalkeeper trigger words
  • Creating the ideal goalkeeper – the 5 Cs
  • The mental side – confidence
  • Development targets
  • Game day tactics
  • Discipline
  • Warm ups

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