Practice plans

Covering core and advanced skills, each Practice Plan provides the blueprint for an entire session for you to run with your team. A quick read through and you've got a ready-made session to take on to the pitch. Perfect for when you're running late and don't have time to hunt around for new ideas.

Practice Plans can be adapted by the coach to suit any age group from age 7 to 16, and are appropriate for adult teams. As a Soccer Coach Weekly subscriber you can access all 275 Practice Plans on the website covering the entire range of skills and tactics, in a format you can easily print and take to training.

How to coach how to create space - part 1

Check in, check out

in Passing, Practice plans

A couple of sudden darting movements are all your players need to shake off a defender and create enough space to receive a pass. This session will help your players create chaos for the opposition. MORE

How to coach players to keep their head up - part 1

Always on the look-out

in Passing, Practice plans

Even when not in possession, good footballers play with their head up to be aware of what’s going on around them. This means when the ball comes their way they can make well-informed and quick decisions and are more likely to make good use of the ball. MORE

How to coach shut down and break - part 1

Shut down and break

in Attacking, Practice plans

Your defenders should not think their job is over once they’ve won the ball. If the opposition has attacked in numbers, it could be the ideal time to launch a counter attack. Use this session to encourage your defenders to identify and create attacking opportunities. MORE

How to coach action circuits- part 1

The all-action circuit

in Ball Control and Footwork, Practice plans

This circuit is designed to comprehensively improve your players’ techniques. The exercise starts with close control ball skills before evolving into recreating gamelike situations. The all-action nature of the circuit ensures your players are working at match speed. MORE

How to coach eye spy drill - part 1

Eye spy

in Passing, Practice plans

Good footballers keep their heads up as much as possible – even when not in possession – to take constant “pictures” of what’s going on around them. This allows them to make good, quick decisions when the ball comes their way, and stay one step ahead of the opposition. MORE

How to coach ronaldinho elastico- part 1

Ronaldinho elastic

in Ball Control and Footwork, Practice plans

Named after the Brazilian international who played for Barcelona and AC Milan , this trick is a superb way of making a defender think you’re going one way but actually going the other. It makes a fantastic addition to any player’s skill-set. MORE

How to coach supporting a team mate in possession- part 1

Supporting a team mate in possession

in Practice plans

Last week we looked at getting your players to support forward passes. This week’s session builds on this by offering them options for combining to beat the defenders such as the overlap worked on in issue 56. MORE

How to coach players to move towards the ball - part 1

Moving to the ball

in Passing, Practice plans

Getting your players to move to the ball just prior to receiving it will indicate to the ball-carrier that their team-mate wants the ball, create space, and make it less likely an opponent will intercept the pass. MORE

How to coach off the ball movement - part 1

Movement off the ball

in Practice plans

This session looks to improve co-ordinating movement off the ball so the player in possession has lots of passing options. The aim of the players’ movement and forward runs is to disrupt the opponent’s defence and create gaps that can be exploited. MORE

How to coach team attack drills- part 1

Clever team attacking

in Attacking, Practice plans

Successful attacking play requires your players to combine effectively and intelligently. This session is designed to get them focused on combination and movement and encourages them to use their imagination. MORE

How to coach team movement drills- part 1

Perpetual motion machine

in Practice plans

Improving your team’s movement off the ball will create space and disrupt the opponent’s defence. The more your players move around the pitch, the more elusive they will be to their opponents. MORE

How to coach communication improving drills- part 1

Talking heads

in Practice plans

Without communication, a team cannot hope to function well, let alone win matches. Each practice in this session is designed to improve different types of communication when passing or receiving a pass. MORE

How to coach off ball running- part 1

Running off the ball

in Attacking, Practice plans

If your players have the ability to run forward, off the ball, or make a good-quality pass to a team mate, the team will be able to create more attacks. Forward runs are used to getting into goalscoring positions and to pull the attention away from the player in possession of the ball. MORE

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