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How to coach deflecting the ball - part 1

Deflecting the ball

in Defending, Practice plans

In a perfect goalkeeper’s world, every shot would be cleanly caught and brought into the body. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. So when called upon to deflect the ball safely away from the goal, the correct technique is essential. This session involves all your players boosting this core goalkeeping skill. MORE

How to coach mutli game exercises- part 1

Multi-game practices

in Ball Control and Footwork, Practice plans

This session will take your players back to the feel of playing on a school playground. There are three different sessions in one, each with a new set of challenges so that your players will have to constantly adjust and develop their approach. MORE

How to coach volleying - part 1


in Practice plans

Volleys can be used for passing, shooting or clearing the ball away from the goal your team is defending. But whatever the situation, it’s important that players apply the correct technique for kicking a ball when it’s off the ground. MORE

How to coach passing and movement - part 1

Pass and move

in Passing, Practice plans

Make ball-watching a thing of the past on your team. Too often players will pass the ball and either admire their work or think their job is done. Get them moving with this fast session. MORE

How to coach power sprints- part 1

Power sprints

in Fitness and Diet, Practice plans

This session uses the top two tiers of the strength-power-speed pyramid. The exercises in this session will help players to develop explosive power and the ability to quickly change pace. MORE

How to coach front and back defending- part 1

Defending front and back

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Play a normal game and then look at 1v1 situations. This will give you a chance to coach correct technique and reward good play. If 1v1s are limited then add a man-marking rule where players pair up with an opponent. The players are now only allowed to tackle their opponent. This will ensure that plenty of 1v1 action takes place. MORE

How to coach set piece drills- part 1

The specialist

in Practice plans

All teams have at least one player who is used to take set pieces. The practices in this Smart Session are designed to help you identify the best free kick, corner and penalty takers. MORE

How to coach the feet first drill - part 3

Feet first (Short throw-ins)

in Practice plans

Short throw-ins should be viewed as more than simply a way of restarting play – they’re also a means of keeping possession and gaining territory, and the best way to do both is to throw the ball to a team mate’s feet. MORE

How to coach defending game drills- part 2

Defending games

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In November 2008 we looked at defending individually and in 2s and 3s. This session pulls all of the techniques into a single session where defenders face an increasing number of attackers with each ball. MORE

How to coach fun defending practices - part 1

Fun defending practises

in Defending, Practice plans

This session introduces your young players to the principles of defending by disguising the theme of the practice through the competitive nature of fun team games. Giving them a proper structure and the correct tactical approach will make their role as a defender much more rewarding and will save your team lots of goals. MORE

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