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How to coach "pull!" - part 1


in Practice plans, Shooting

Recreate the thrill of a clay-pigeon shoot as your strikers call for the ball to be pulled back before despatching it into the net. Can they keep a cool head and finish with accuracy? MORE

How to coach the midfield screen - part 1

The midfield screen

in Midfield, Practice plans

The midfield screen is a defensive line, shielding defenders from penetrating through balls and 1v1 situations. Use this session to get your midfield working as a unit to give the defenders behind them some protection. MORE

How to coach passing and shooting drills-part 1

The scoring box

in Attacking, Practice plans

In a small-sided game, goals scored from quick one- and two-touch combination play count double. This rewards play that has been practiced and developed earlier in the session. MORE

How to coach cross fire - part 1

Cross fire

in Attacking, Practice plans

Good communication between attackers is vital for a successful partnership because occupying the same area makes space easier to defend. “Cross fire” encourages your attackers to build an understanding of the runs they must make to create space. MORE

How to coach touch and go - part 1

Touch and go

in Ball Control and Footwork, Practice plans

After being coached the basic skills of receiving and controlling the ball, players should be in the habit of using a positive first touch to move the ball into space. This creates more time for them to look up and see if a team mate is available before they make their next decision. Use this session to improve your players’ first touch and spatial awareness. MORE

How to coach first touch shooting drills- part 1

First touch to shoot

in Practice plans, Shooting

This session will improve the first touch of your attacking players. A centre forward must have a good first touch in order to guide the ball into space or away from a defender to shoot. Improving this skill will add speed to the forwards’ play and enable them to shoot at goal quickly in order to catch goalkeepers by surprise. MORE

How to coach scoring from different posistions- part 1

Strike it hot

in Practice plans, Shooting

Do you want your team to score more goals? If you can improve your strikers’ ability to score goals from various positions in the penalty area and with different techniques, then this session will help. MORE

How to coach quattro goalkeeping - part 1

Quattro goalkeeping

in Goalkeeping, Practice plans

Four balls, four goals and four chances to make a save, all wrapped up with a 4v4. This fast paced shot stopping session would even test the likes of Italian goalkeeping greats Gianluigi Buffon and Dino Zoff. MORE

How to coach perfect hat-trick drills part 1


in Practice plans, Shooting

The term “perfect hat-trick” is given to a player who is able to score a hat-trick (three goals in the same game) using his right foot, left foot and head. This session will improve your players’ all-round finishing skills. MORE

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