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How to coach fun defending practices - part 1

Fun defending practises

in Defending, Practice plans

This session introduces your young players to the principles of defending by disguising the theme of the practice through the competitive nature of fun team games. Giving them a proper structure and the correct tactical approach will make their role as a defender much more rewarding and will save your team lots of goals. MORE

How to coach a stop-turn - part 1


in Practice plans, Turning

A stop-turn allows your players to send opponents the wrong way by changing direction quickly and will give them more time on the ball to make a killer pass. MORE

How to coach applying pressure drills- part 1

Applying pressure

in Defending, Practice plans

This session aims to improve individual defending. Each practice within the session builds onto the next so that your players understand how to pressure and jockey an opponent, ultimately forcing them away from your goal. MORE

How to coach the Cruyff turn - part 1

Cruyff turn

in Practice plans, Turning

Named after the legendary 1970s Holland international Johan Cruyff, this turn is ideal for losing a defender and creating space in a tight situation. MORE

How to coach a passing triangle drill - part 1

Passing triangle

in Passing, Practice plans

The ability to pass accurately to feet over both long and short distances will increase your team’s ability to control the game and find holes in the opposition’s defence. MORE

How to coach passing and receiving - part 1

Passing and receiving

in Passing, Practice plans

Practice passing and receiving regularly and your team’s attacking capability will be greatly enhanced. This session works on basic passing and the key is to ensure that players are controlling the ball to one side of their body using a single touch. MORE

How to coach passing through the midfield - part 1

Passing through midfield

in Midfield, Practice plans

Matches are often won or lost in the centre of midfield, so the better your team is able to maintain possession of the ball here, the better placed it will be able to attack the opposition and create chances. MORE

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