The stepover

The stepover is a simple trick that once mastered will enable your players to wrong-foot defenders and dribble past them.

What this session is about

  1. Dribbling.
  2. Unbalancing and beating a defender.
  3. Creating space.

What to think about

Stepover using right foot:

  • Move right foot to the left of ball then…
  • …feint to use outside of right foot but move it over the top of the ball from left to right.
  • Plant right foot on the right side of the ball.
  • Spring off on right foot, taking the ball to the left with the outside of the left foot.


  • Each player has a ball.
Warm upSessionDevelopmentsGame SituationWarm Down
10 minutes15 minutes15 minutes15 minutes5 minutes

What you get your players to do

Without dribbling the ball, each player practices the stepover slowly and repeatedly.

Now repeat with the weaker foot.

To progress, repeat the practice, but this time the players dribble the ball a short distance before attempting a stepover.

Follow the footprints to execute the stepover.

Follow the footprints to execute the stepover.


Players pair up with one of them being a passive defender. Now the players with the ball must practise dribbling, performing the skill just in front of the defender to commit them, and then accelerating past.

Repeat, steadily increasing the speed of the move.

After several attempts going past the defender on both sides, the players switch roles.

Practice the stepover 1v1 on the move.

Practice the stepover 1v1 on the move.

Game situation

Two teams of 4 players line up approx 20-25 metres away from goal.

1st player from Team A must use their skill to beat 1st player from Team B and score a goal past a goalkeeper.

After the shot, the 1st player from Team A becomes the defender in the 1v1 situation and tries to stop the 2nd player from Team B.

Award extra points for successfully using the stepover to beat the defender.

Two teams compete in a continuous 1v1 game.

Two teams compete in a continuous 1v1 game.

What to call out

  • “Take your time – don’t rush it”
  • “Keep the ball under close control”
  • “Be light on your feet”
  • “Approach the defender slowly, stepover, then blast past!”
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