Pass and control with both feet

If your players can be comfortable passing and receiving the ball with both feet they will have more options and be less predictable to play against.

What this session is about

  1. Instant and close control.
  2. Improving ball familiarity and touch.
  3. Accurate passing.
  4. Setting the ball up for a pass with first receiving touch.

What to think about

  • Light on toes, stay nice and balanced.
  • Eyes on the ball.
  • Inside of foot for passing and receiving.
  • Passing – non-kicking foot alongside ball; passing foot at right angle to ball; follow through ball’s horizontal mid-line.
  • Receiving – cushion ball on impact and out of feet; make angle for pass.


  • 2 players, each with a ball.
Warm upSessionDevelopmentsGame SituationWarm Down
5 minutes15 minutes20 minutes15 minutes5 minutes

What you get your players to do

Players stand opposite each other a few yards apart. Both have a ball at their right foot, and at the same time pass to the other player’s left foot. Both control the ball they receive from their left foot to their right to continue the drill.

Once players are comfortable, get them to speed up and use a maximum of 2 touches when they receive the ball – one to control, one to pass.

Repeat the drill in the opposite direction, both players now starting with the ball on their left foot.

Get players to repeat the drill with a new partner.

Players pass back and forth using the same foot.

Players pass back and forth using the same foot.


Passing with their right feet (1), the players again control with their left (2), but this time take a touch with their right (3) before passing back to their partner with their left (4). To complete the sequence, the next ball each player receives will be to their right, which they should control to their left foot and switch back again so the right foot makes the next pass.

Progress as before but with a maximum of 3 touches.

Players control the ball with their left foot, shift it side to side and return the pass.

Players control the ball with their left foot, shift it side to side and return the pass.

Game situation

Play 3v1 keep-away in a 10 x 10 yard grid. Award a point to the attackers for completing a specified number of consecutive passes. The defender gets a point for stealing the ball or knocking it out of play, or if the attacking team hit the ball out of bounds.

Progress by limiting the number of touches allowed, increasing the number of defenders relative to attackers, or increasing the number of consecutive passes the attackers have to make.

Finish with a game of 4 v 4.

Use the skill to play 3v1 keepaway.

Use the skill to play 3v1 keepaway.

What to call out

  • “Remain relaxed”
  • “Stay focused on the ball”
  • “Keep the ball close”
  • “Make it easy for your teammate to control the pass”
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