Goalkeeper work out

This fun pre-season training session for goalkeepers is based on one used by former Arsenal and Germany keeper Jens Lehmann.

Set up

Use your usual goal for this session. You can use your strikers too. You need plenty of balls, a mannequin (or a pole or cone) and a goal.


This is a great shot stopping session, offering the keeper shots from close range and further out, plus developing the technique for blocking shots and for throwing the ball out. This is the kind of session that will give your keeper confidence and help his all round saving ability.

Goalkeeper movement

    1. Start the session with a warm-up, moving arms to each side
    2. The coach rolls balls towards the markers on the goal line for the keeper to gather safely

Saving shots

    3. Now your striker hits harder shots in the same direction for the keeper to save
    4. Any shots that are saved the keeper must throw back over the striker’s head as far as possible

Saving from quick fire shots

    5. Finally, the coach plays a ball into the striker with his back to goal, who turns and shoots at the goal
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