64 Small-Sided Soccer Games: Volume 2

Stand back and let the game be the teacher for more games, more goals, more fun!
Michael Beale

How would you like all your training sessions to offer players more games, goals and fun, whilst ensuring they learn the necessary skills and techniques to play the game?

The small-sided games in this manual are divided into several categories, so you can choose to run a series of different or similar games, perhaps depending on whether you are working defenders, midfielders or attackers.

They include: 4v4 games, four goal games, back four games, wave games, crossing games, end to end games, centre backs games, forward pass or wide pass, central or wide attack games, switch games, counter attack games, overload games and reaction games.

The manual's easy to use layout provides three illustrations of the three phases of each game – beginning, middle and end – with accompanying instructions. There is a short overview to give you the basic idea, set up guide, instructions on what you get your players to do, the rules and a development or progression of the game. You can easily print in colour or black and white onto an A4 sheet from the ebook version, whilst the hard copy version comes with a useful spiral binding and wipe clean cover.


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How would you like every one of your training sessions to offer players more games, more goals and more fun – while ensuring they learn all the skills and techniques needed to play the game?

Of course you would. Unfortunately, at grass roots level I still see kids standing around (usually in the cold) watching their coach painstakingly repeat a technique. The kids look bored – they’re just itching to kick a ball! I say why not let them…

My coaching manual 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2 gives you fully planned training sessions which keep players constantly active, learning and having fun – what youth coaching is really all about.

64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2 features 64 small-sided games that I have developed personally, suitable for all ages and abilities. I have included a few of my failsafe games that I always return to, but the majority have not featured in any publication before.

What sets this manual apart is that I have grouped complementary games together to use on one pitch. It means you can use the same pitch to run several different games at separate times in order to continue the momentum of the training session. Players simply rotate from game to game so that they are constantly engaged and playing.

You could split players into groups of four and play 15 minutes of one game before moving onto another one. That gives you a complete one hour training session in which players can learn four different skills. Easy.

Players have to stay focused and think about the changing requirements of each game. They are constantly being challenged and none are left standing around in the cold.

A lot of the ideas for the games go back to a time-honoured coaching phrase that I’m sure many of you have heard before:

“Let the game be the teacher”

Quite simply, it means youngsters will have more fun and learn more if they actually play the game itself.

For example, a player is far more likely to learn how to look up and spot a team mate instinctively in a 2v2 game, rather than than being told to do so.

They are learning without being coached!

And that’s what I do throughout 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2. All the games are designed so a player is learning different techniques and skills, such as teamwork, dribbling, or 1v1s, while playing the game they love. It makes training sessions so much more enjoyable for the kids.

And there’s no hassle for you. All the games are quick and easy to set-up – no more than 10 minutes of your time at the start of the session. Plus you don’t have to stop halfway through to rearrange cones and goal-posts. It’s all done at the start. So there will be no more time wasted in your training sessions.

You could save 10 minutes a week… over the course of the season that’s a lot of extra coaching time you’re giving your players!

There you have it, 64 of the finest cutting-edge, time-saving coaching games available!

64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2 offers you:


  • Use games individually or together
  • Progressions allow you to make games more challenging
  • Players of all ages and abilities will benefit
  • Games are grouped to help you focus on a weak point of your team such as passing, attacking, or communication


  • Small-sided games are recognised and recommended by football authorities worldwide
  • All games are tried and tested


  • Set up instructions list what equipment is needed and how to lay out the pitch
  • Rules of each game are clearly explained so players know what each game requires of them
  • High quality illustrations show you and your players how the game develops

The inspiration for small-sided games?

The inspiration for small-sided games lies in street football and “kickabouts” on the nearest available patch of grass – where small groups of players play intense, skilful, competitive-yet-fun football.

Most maintain that small-sided games were first used as a structured coaching by the Dutch Football Association in the 1970s under the guidance of Rinus Michels, the inspiration behind what became known as Total Football.

The Dutch recognised the decline in street football and the damaging effect that would have on developing players in future generations. They formulated the 4v4 method as a response, which became widely known as “the Dutch way”. Holland subsequently produced some of the best football teams the world has ever seen – an amazing achievement for such a small nation.

Some believe small-sided games have been with us even longer. Tony Carr, Director of the West Ham United Academy (and editor of Smart Sessions), described how the great Ron Greenwood used small-sided games at the heart of his coaching philosophy back in the 1960s!

Greenwood produced players such as Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters. Tony in turn is responsible for many of the best current players in the English game – Cole, Ferdinand, Carrick, Defoe, Lampard, Terry and more…

Whatever their origins, small-sided games work and many grassroots coaches and international associations are seeing the benefits.

I have 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games – what’s so different about 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2?

64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2 follows a similar format to my first book, 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games. But in a big change to my first book I have grouped complementary games together for you to use on one multi-pitch. It means you can use the same pitch to run several different games separately in order to rest some of your players whilst others play their turn.

I have cherry-picked a few of the best games from my first book to show you how to adapt them to a multi-pitch set up. But you can rest assured that the majority of the games in 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2 are absolutely brand new.

64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2 will make your life so much easier. It will help you focus on your team’s shortcomings and save you time by allowing you to run a number of games simultaneously.

The best small-sided games out there…

Working with young players day in day out, I’ve come to know what games will test their abilities and challenge them to develop, while ensuring they have fun.

Another part of my job as a youth academy coach is to keep tabs on all the other small-sided games and training sessions out there. I’m confident you won’t find anything superior to the games found in 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2.

They are every bit as good, if not better, than those featured in my bestselling manual 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games.

Answers to all your coaching queries…

In 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2 you will find a ready-made answer to all of your coaching queries:

  • Not scoring enough goals?
  • Need your defence to work more as a unit?
  • Passing not sharp enough?

Don’t worry. There are comprehensive small-sided games and sessions to solve all your team’s woes in 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2.

Turn up to training with 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2 under your arm and you’ll be able to develop an exciting session to engage, motivate and excite players every time.


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5 reviews for 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games: Volume 2

  1. Grant Bracey

    I have very much enjoyed delivering a range of small sided games from your book.

    Because the boys I coach are predominantly technically sound these small sided games add value in the sense that it keeps our sessions realistic and game like.

    – Grant Bracey – New Zealand

  2. Barry Comerford

    I have used many of the drills for both my High School and competitive club team.

    They are very informative, easy to follow and definitely make a big difference in the results when we play our matches.

    A valuable resource for any coach.

    Barry Comerford – Piner High School Varsity Women’s Coach – USA

  3. Rob Burgwin

    Personally I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

    The technical aspect of the sessions is excellent. Delivered at any age and ability your team will flourish…my team did from the very first session we did. Kids enjoy the high tempo and some enjoy the knowledge and will be coaches of the future.

    Having this in their armoury I’m positive that they will be great coaches

    By using these drill and explaining what’s behind the drill, a greater understanding from the players has evolved. Last season the team and manager finished last…this season we have just finished 3rd with same set of lads!!!!!

    – Rob Burgwin – Heath Hayes Youth (u18) – UK

  4. Donca Dinu

    I appreciate your book is the book that I needed to improve the training of my team , from all points of view : technical, tactical, psychological.

    It’s a book that changed the face of my team in winning from losing , and that really helped me to be a better coach , to change my ideas about the training process .

    Thank you very much.

    – Donca Dinu – Romania

  5. Alan Brownyard

    This book has greatly benefited myself and My team.

    Games are easy to understand as a coach but challenging as a player.

    – Alan Brownyard – USA

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Michael Beale is a world renowned coach and author of the best-selling 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games coaching manual.

A former player at Charlton, Michael moved into coaching with the Chelsea academy at Cobham and established himself as one of the best youth developers in the game.

During this time, Michael authored a number of hugely successful coaching manuals including 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games, Soccer Attack!, Perfect Defending and The Ultimate Soccer Warm-Ups Manual (all published by Soccer Coach Weekly and available here).

Having worked under and learnt from a number of high-profile Chelsea managers during a decade at Cobham, Michael made the move to Liverpool in 2012 where he coached the U23 team from 2012 to 2016. In 2017 he moved to Sao Paolo and took the role of assistant manager but returned to Liverpool 6 months later.

After a year as academy manager at Liverpool Michael moved to Rangers and became first team coach working under Steven Gerrard.

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