Dave Clarke’s Soccer Tactics Made Simple

At last! A soccer coaching manual that explains what those tactical terms REALLY mean...
Dave Clarke

Soccer tactics range from the way a player stands or moves, to the pace, style, positioning and movement of the entire team.

These concepts have a baffling language of their own. A unique resource in a clear landscape format, Soccer Tactics Made Simple explains 58 important soccer concepts in simple English – and offers advice on how to coach them.

Learn and understand concepts like Between the Lines, Line-breaking Passes and Runs, Defensive Diamond, Teaser Passes, Horseshoe, Tumble Dryer, One Touch Kill, Front Marking, Space – Not Man, Steer and Storm, Aggressive Marking, Channel Side, Jump to Press, Zigzag Passing, Play and Run, and Touch on the Move.

How many of the 58 terms and tactics (See the Description tab below for the full list) do your players fully and deeply understand? Introduce them at training to take your individual and team tactics to a new level.

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How many of the following tactical terms do you (and your players) know and fully understand?

Buy Soccer Tactics Made Simple to learn about all 58 of these tactics.

How teams work up from 5v5 to 11v11, Between the Lines, Line-breaking Passes and Runs, Defensive Diamond, Transition, Rotation, Off the Line, Open Shoulders, Back Foot / Front Foot, Right Hand / Left Hand, Inverted Winger, Overlapping Run / Underlapping Run, On the Shoulder / Off the Shoulder, Blindside Run, Teaser Passes, Horseshoe, Tumble Dryer, One Touch Kill, Front Marking, Space – Not Man, Steer and Storm, Aggressive Marking, Channel Side, Jump to Press, Zigzag Passing, Play and Run, Ball Moves, You Move, Touch on the Move, Rotate on Square Pass, See Both Goals, Face Their Goal, Three to Us, Step and Hold, Body Work, Hazard Work, Press, Screen Position, Set a Trap, Yard Rule, No Touch, Height and Distance, Track, One Short, One Long,  Crossover, Hold the Line, Low Press, High Press, Drop Off, Dummy, One-Two, Goalside, Set and Go, Info on the Pass, Collapse Around the Ball, Force Inside, Force Outside, Floating or False 9, Blocking the Line of Pass.

Each page in Soccer Tactics Made Simple is laid out in a bold landscape format with clear, colour pitch illustrations and accompanying commentary in simple language. There’s a section on how to coach each tactic.


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7 reviews for Dave Clarke’s Soccer Tactics Made Simple

  1. Chris Cooper

    I currently coach Newmachar Utd U9s and am always looking for new ideas and confirmation that the skills I learnt as a player are still current. Also, how these can be best introduced to my young, keen playing squad.

    As a visual learner I find the pictorial quality in the publication to be of a high standard and allows me to understand the theory and how to best put it into practice.

    With the age group I coach we have not fully utilised all the areas in the book as yet but have been able to benefit from some of the body shapes that are suggested and introduced some games to support the passing patterns that are outlined in the book.

    Overall I have found the book a useful addition to my coaching library.

    – Chris Cooper – Newmachar United

  2. Joe Costanzo

    I played soccer most of my life, so I know and love the game but have never been a coach.

    The hardest thing for me was translating what I knew into something coachable. This book was an easy read and the diagrams were helpful in allowing me to translate this quickly into my practices.

    This, in turn, made me a more confident coach which helped install confidence in my players and the parents as well. The fall was our first year in U12 with a bigger field and offside. We did better than I expected we tied for 5th in the league.

    Thanks for providing a simple and intuitive approach to coaching. I have recommended you to several other parents who have jumped in to help coach our kids!

    – Joe Costanzo – Seashore Soccer

  3. Abdul Samad

    This manual is easy to understand not only for me, but also to my fellow colleagues assigned as soccer masters for under-14s, under-16s and under-20s.

    The students also benefitted from the manual. They started knowing and understanding the formation in terms of players’ role and its variations of smaller mini-games especially 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 for all the age groups.

    I have bought various coaching manuals from Soccer Coach Weekly and I applied the same process of putting theory into practice.

    – Abdul Samad – Tampine Junior College

  4. Mike Ellicott

    I have been using David Clarke’s Soccer tactics made simple for the last couple of months with my club team players and my high school players.

    In the short time I have been using this great manual I have found the shared terminology incredibly useful in building a bank of common vocabulary that my team uses and clearly understands.

    When I communicate with my players during our games I am calling out the terms like ‘line breaking run’ to get clear tactical points across.

    In our regional final game we played last week I heard my players calling out on the field to ‘horse shoe the play’ which resulted in us playing the ball round the back line and changing the point of attack. This system is simple and Dave really has created a user friendly manual I enjoy sharing with my players.

    You can’t go wrong when everyone is speaking the same language and using similar jargon.

    – Mike Ellicott – Empire Revolution U14 Girls Head Coach & Hilton High School, Hilton NY, Varsity Boys Coach

  5. Jacob Phiri

    As far the book is concerned I found the terminology very simple and easy to follow and understand.

    Soccer Tactics Made Simple has helped my U17 team win 4 out of 6 matches.

    There is a great improvement in their play and organisation since starting to use this book. I believe that going forward I will have a great team and excellent team.

    – Jacob Phiri – Centurion Blues FC – South Africa

  6. John Evans

    I coach U15 girls and U14 boys and this book is a great tool to help keep explanations simple and on track.

    Thanks for yet another great coaching tool, I love Soccer Tactics Made Simple!

    – John Evans – Forza Futbol Club, Utah

  7. Frank Carrozza

    The materials purchased were to help with a new youth academy created by a couple of college coaches and youth parent-coaches. We are in the middle of training the parent-coaches as well as introducing some simplified terms to the players.

    The terminology used in the manual is simple, clear, and helps to get everyone on the same page in regards to our staff approach.

    The instructions are easy to follow and allow us the flexibility of continuing to utilize our parent-coaches for instruction when a senior staff member is not present. Our parent-coaches find the diagrams useful, sessions are easy to follow and run. The players seem to enjoy the sessions and often are shocked when the time has gone by so quickly and the session is over leaving them asking for 5 more mins after every session.

    Players have continued to improve with the use of the material found in the manual.

    I do feel the material has helped with our new staff’s coaching ability as well as brought additional comfort and confidence to their instruction.

    The age group we have implemented the material with ranges from U10-U12 female players.

    – Frank Carrozza – USA

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Dave Clarke is the former head coach and editor of Soccer Coach Weekly.

As well as being a skilled journalist and editor, Dave has excellent coaching credentials, having coached U9s – U16s at grassroots level for over 20 years.

He holds a UEFA B license and is qualified in FA Youth Award modules 1, 2 and 3, as well as the Coerver Youth Diploma Module.

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