Professional Fitness Plans Volume 2

Use the same fitness exercises and tests as pro team players
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Building on volume 1, Volume 2 has seven more fitness programmes being used in the professional game. These fitness plans give you the opportunity to get your team to peak fitness, using the same exercises and tests for players by professional coaches.

Maximise output from your training time using detailed plans from professional coaches at the top of the game.

The coaches who have provided plans for this fitness manual are:

Ryland Morgans – Head of Performance, Wales

Matt Green – First Team Fitness Coach, West Bromich Albion

Ben Bradley – Head of Academy Sport Science and Medicine, AFC Bournemouth

Scott Guyett – Head of Sport Science, Crystal Palace

Tom Williams – Head of Strength and Condition, Toronto FC

Pete Tierney – Fitness Coach, LMA Ambassador

Richard Bucciarelli and Farzad Yousefian – President and Strength and Conditioning Coach from Soccer Fitness, Canada.

These fitness plans were exclusively written for Elite Soccer in partnership with the League Managers Association (LMA) and are not available elsewhere.



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A message from League Managers Association chairman and former England coach Howard Wilkinson

Professional Fitness Plans Volume 2 has seven more fitness programmes being used in the professional game. These fitness plans give you everything you need to have a real impact on your players, using the same exercises and tests for players by professional coaches.

If you’ve already purchased the first special issue, you’ll know the format – leading coaches offering the kind of insight that only comes about through being at the very top of their game. While the first fitness issue focused firmly on technical, sports science elements, the intention with this latest edition is to complement that material by showing how fitness can be played out in practical session formats, be they on the training pitch, in the gym or elsewhere.

We look at movement, conditioning, aerobic conditioning, strength and much more in compiling a dossier of information that, from day one, will directly benefit your players’ fitness ambitions.
As usual, we are indebted to those featured who have invested time and energy in producing these plans for us, from Wales national team’s Head of Performance Ryland Morgans who looks at functional strength, to West Bromwich Albion First-team fitness coach Matt Green and a plan on high intensity aerobics.

AFC Bournemouth Head of Academy Sport Science & Medicine Ben Bradley tackles aerobic conditioning, while early-season fitness expertise is at the heart of Crystal Palace’s Head of Sport Science Scott Guyett’s plan. Toronto’s Head of Strength and Condition Tom Williams outlines position-specific fitness while LMA Ambassador and Sports Scientist Pete Tierney identifies specifity of movement in professional players. And finally, we have some engaging research on treadmill training from Soccer Fitness’s Richard Bucciarelli.

As always, we hope you can take the time to maximise what’s contained in this special issue. We’d love to hear your feedback and that of your players.

Enjoy your football,

Howard Wilkinson


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