Professional Warm-Ups & Cool Downs

Stop warming up like amateurs! Prepare like the pros each week to get your players off to the best possible match start!
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An exclusive collection of professional training and match day warm-up exercises, stretches and activities to ensure that players start and finish in the best possible shape.

The exercises from professional soccer fitness coaches* will help senior youth and adult teams looking to replicate the tried and tested approaches of the top tier.

– Training Day Warm-Up – Scott Ainsley, Sunderland
– Immediate Post-Training Cool Down – Tony Daley, Wolverhampton Wanderers
– Match Day Warm-Up – Al Stewart, Huddersfield Town
– Match Day Cool Down – Tom Williams, Leicester City
– Active Warm-Ups for Defensive and Offensive Players – Mike Garrity, Liverpool
– Keeper Warm-Up and Cool Down – Andrew Sparkes, Swansea City
– 20-Minute Technical Warm-Up – Steve Cooper, The FA
– Alternative Cool Down Techniques – Marcus Svensson, Aspire Academy

*Clubs correct at time of publications

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Message from Howard Wilkinson, chairman, League Managers Association, and former England manager

It’s funny how so much emphasis is placed on some of the key parts of training and match day, yet getting players up to speed in the form of purposeful, measured, intelligent warm ups
is arguably as important, since how will they fulfil their potential if they’re not in optimum shape?

And similarly when having completed a period of exercise, winding the body down and putting in place recovery strategies is now seen as absolutely vital if these finely tuned athletes are going to be back to full efficiency quickly.

That’s why we’ve put together Professional Warm-Ups & Cool Downs, where a vast array of ideas and principles are tackled. And as usual we’ve been thrilled by those who have come forward to take part, with four coaches currently plying their trade at Premier League clubs and another who is doing great things on the international stage.

In presenting a brilliant cross-section of training and match day warm-ups and cool downs, plus a number of intriguing bonus specialist sessions, this is a complete and comprehensive guide to helping your players maintain a level of performance that will give them the best chance of fulfilling their ambitions.

The manual is split into two sections, totalling eight exclusive sessions. The first offers full, descriptive, detailed sessions that showcase warm-up and cool down sessions for both training and match day settings. The second section features sessions for specific groups of players or types of training drills.



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3 reviews for Professional Warm-Ups & Cool Downs

  1. Nigel Boulton

    “Another great resource from Elite soccer”.

    – Nigel Boulton – William Carey University – USA

  2. Martin Murray

    I found the “Elite Soccer: Professional Warm-ups and Cool Downs” excellent and very rewarding for the both the team and the individual players.

    The Instructions are detailed but easy to understand and very good diagrams which supplement and simplify the sessions.

    The sessions are very beneficial and our players enjoy and find them very rewarding and has decreased injuries and we have been more explosive from the off, and the players see the benefit of the post-match cool downs and find the players more flexible in next training sessions.

    It has helped my coaching as it has give me very structured sessions to put Pre and Postmatch and more confident in my ability to do same.

    I coach Elite Youth (U19’s) players, that also acts as the reserve team.

    The constant supply of updated information and sessions are great, as constantly challenging my players and especially as the realise these are the same drills / sessions are done at the highest level.

    – Martin Murray – Shelbourne F.C – U19 Elite Manager – Ireland

  3. Scott Ginn

    I do enjoy the warm-ups and cool-downs.

    I have ordered many of your publications because I find them very useful and helpful.

    They provide me with many ideas to help me be a better coach.

    The exercises are very easy to follow and are very helpful.

    – Scott Ginn – USA

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