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Now you too can learn from the best with exclusive access to training methods used by the world’s leading managers. Every month, in association with the League Managers Association, Elite Soccer provides detailed plans of training sessions used by the giants of the game.

The sessions cover all aspects of the professional game including defensive and offensive structures, counter attacks, corners, wing-play, pressing, positional play, blocking, and back three defending.

Contributing managers include Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool), Jose Mourinho (Manchester United), Manuel Pellegrini (West Ham Utd), Sean Dyche (Burnley), Eddie Howe (Bournemouth), and Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham Hotspur).

“…fantastic… I encourage all my coaches to read it,” Arsene Wenger, former manager, Arsenal.

High quality illustrations show you set-up, how to run the activity, what to look for in the players, and what to say to them. Sometimes the manager refers to a specific game where the training activity was put into practice giving you a picture of the end-product.

Here’s what professional coaches say about Elite Soccer:

“Coaches at all levels in football continue to develop throughout their careers and Elite Soccer can help coaches with their ongoing learning process.”  -Antonio Conte, manager, Chelsea.

“Elite Soccer is a great, fast source for ideas I can pass on – no fluff, right to the point and valuable information I can take to the training ground,” – Bob Akers, Director of Coaching, Brookside FC.

“I joined Elite Soccer because the practice plans are excellent, with excellent diagrams. The players are motivated during the sessions and the final product, on the field, is proof of Elite Soccer’s value.

The quality to the product is definitely worth the cost.” – Christopher Bizjak – M.C. United Soccer Club – USA

“Elite Soccer is the best soccer purchase I have made. I get great sessions every time I receive an issue.

I love the compliments I get from other coaches when I use sessions I get from Elite Soccer.

Keep up the great work!!!” – Robert Williams – USA

25 reviews for Elite Soccer

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    Lino Fusco

    I find the sessions are very helpful as they provide an insight into the philosophies and methods of the best coaches in football.

    – Lino Fusco – Australia

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    Paul McGowan

    I think Elite Soccer gives a unique insight into the practices of the professionals, and the detailed preparation that goes into every session.

    Even when sessions are broadly similar, there is always a learning point to be picked up from the variations that each coach uses.

    Best of luck with future editions.

    – Paul McGowan – Ireland

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    Martin Jacks

    I coach at a youth club, this season taking u12s and u16s with 2 nights per week training each and games on a Saturday, with a squad of 16 players each.

    For me, Elite Soccer gives some broad ideas how to work with the boys and how I can help develop them to be better. While some of the routines described are beyond us, either in terms of the time required, resource allocated to us or just the number of players required, I have been able to identify core aspects that I can take to our own training which make the nights different and challenging each week.

    Always look forward to the next issue and what nuggets of information I can take away with me.

    – Martin Jacks – UK

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    Matt Bennett

    Thanks for the request for feedback on Elite Soccer.

    We have used the magazine extensively with our elite players at Auckland Grammar School and what I like about the magazine is the progression of sessions rather than isolated drills as found in other coaching material. These progressions allow us to tailor coaching sessions to the needs of our players.

    It is also a great source of information and reassurance to see that other coaches at all levels of the game experience similar challenges and learnings. Being able to share those and develop is hugely rewarding.

    Matt Bennett – Head Coach 1st XI Football – New Zealand

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    David Strickland

    Elite soccer is a great addition to my library of ideas in developing my teams….to be able to enjoy some of the top managers in the world training sessions and ideas and put them into my own environment is fantastic!

    Love when I get the new issue each time!

    – David Strickland – head coach of Tri Cities FC Otters – USA.

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    Stevie Baxter

    “Elite Soccer has to be one of the best coaching resources available.

    Access to the current coaching trends at Premier League and League Level is normally something that money can’t buy and I genuinely believe that as a customer I get more than excellent value for money.

    I would strongly recommend Elite Soccer.”

    – Stevie Baxter, Football Development Officer, Angus Council/Scottish FA

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    Chris Gooch

    I joined Elite Soccer because I wanted to see the sorts of sessions that coaches and managers in the professional game use in their own training sessions. I have aspirations myself of making it as a coach so I wanted to see the sort of standard I’d need to obtain.

    Elite Soccer provides a fascinating insight into how professionals within the game manage and run their sessions and for that it is invaluable.

    I love the fact that it covers all senior leagues and I like that the sessions are varied in each issue.”

    – Chris Gooch, Scout & Coach, West Bromwich Albion Development Centre

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    Demetris Miltiadous

    “Last season the team I coach in Cyprus won the U13 championship with a record of 26 victories and no defeats. It was the first time that this has happened.

    We used many Elite Soccer drills which helped us to play better and create lots of opportunities. I enjoy all of your drills and would like to thank you for providing them.”

    – Demetris Miltiadous, Apollon FC Limassol, Cyprus

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    Andrew Stokes

    Elite Soccer allows for a brilliant insight into the coaching mindset of the games best managers.

    Its a great coaching tool for coaches and managers to pick up session ideas and information to then deliver in our coaching environments.

    Really pleased and happy to continue to subscribe with Elite Soccer.

    – Andrew Stokes – UK

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    Dick Bate

    I find the Elite Soccer educational, thought-provoking, well presented and valuable in its entirity – keep it coming.

    – Dick Bate – Technical consultant FIFA

  11. Avatar

    Robert Williams

    Elite Soccer is the best soccer purchase I have made. I get great sessions every time I receive an issue.

    I love the compliments I get from other coaches when I use sessions I get from Elite Soccer.

    Keep up the great work!!!

    – Robert Williams – USA

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    Kenneth Krieger

    As a long term Elite soccer subscriber, the magazine has been a huge asset and collection of information that has made my coaching experience much easier and mostly a whole bunch of fun providing top level training sessions to more players that I can count!

    I have never been disappointed with any issue and look forward to the end of every month to receive the next issue!

    – Kenneth Krieger – Arlington Soccer Association – USSF DA Academy Director

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    Martin Mills

    Elite soccer is a fantastic way to obtain professional coaching sessions for the better players who seek to be challenged and educated through playing.

    I even purchased the whole of the collectors series 1-8 for more information from past sessions, and I look forward to the monthly edition .

    It has helped me plan and deliver all sorts of sessions with lead ins, progressions and game situations You don’t need to invent or reinvent sessions, just be a very good copier.

    Great diagrams with instructions, although I frequently draw them out myself to get a better understanding of what is required and sometimes tweak them to fit in with the standard of players I will be coaching.

    Recommend Elite Soccer to all aspiring coaches.

    – Martin Mills – UK

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    Tony Carvajal

    Whenever I’ve been required to address technical issues with my State League Women’s Squad at UWAN Elite Soccer seems to be able to provide everything I need.

    Many times the girls have said they love my drills and small sided games that focus on our specific needs, they are from Elite Soccer.

    I can say that the girls have matured so much in the last 2 years and the Elite Soccer content has been invaluable in my wonderful squad’s continued development.

    Thank you.

    – Tony Carvajal – Head Coach Premier Women’s Coach – Australia

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    Michael Brelsford

    I would like to give some feedback on Elite Soccer.

    Firstly it is fascinating to see the types of sessions pro clubs use, the layout is excellent with clear diagrams and explanations, number of players, progressions etc.

    Secondly as a volunteer coach of a grassroots team it gives me some great sessions to use, I am coaching under 16s this season so many of the sessions can be adapted.

    Elite Soccer has also helped me progress as a coach, the clarity in each issue has helped me improve my understanding of football coaching.

    – Mike Brelsford – UK

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    Doug Baird

    I have been subscribing to Elite Soccer since 2011 and find it an incredibly useful coaching resource. The sessions are relevant and easily understood with realistic progressions.

    Keep up the good work.

    – Doug Baird – Stratford Dolphins Football Club – Australia

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    Richard Sutton

    Elite Soccer has provided me with a wealth of drills and ideas that has continued my coaching development.

    I have used these sessions with over 18s and also simplified them with my junior players and along with my Soccer Weekly subscription, Elite Soccer has allowed me to build an extensive library of coaching sessions.

    It is a must for all serious coaches!

    – Richard Sutton – Guernsey

  18. Avatar

    Deborah Nichols

    I have coached from U13’s to Senior Level for a number of years and used Elite Soccer across all Levels,
    modifying the sessions depending on the age group and the ability of the players.

    Elite Soccer is an invaluable coaching tool.

    – Deborah Nichols – Australia

  19. Avatar

    Christopher Bizjak

    I joined Elite Soccer because the practice plans are excellent, with excellent diagrams.

    The players are motivated during the sessions and the final product, on the field, is proof of Elite Soccer’s value.

    The quality to the product is definitely worth the cost.

    – Christopher Bizjak – M.C. United Soccer Club – USA

  20. Avatar

    Drew Hoffman

    Even after nearly 20 years of coaching full-time, I still enjoy learning from some of the game’s best coaches.

    Everyone, regardless of level they coach, can take something away from Elite Soccer Coaching.

    – Drew Hoffman – IMG Academy Soccer – USA

  21. Avatar

    Steve Honey

    I joined Elite Soccer to further my knowledge of coaching with a particular interest on how other coaches do things.

    Being a club and regional academy coach I need to win games on the weekend with my club team and also develop youth players technically through the week.

    So I always have an interest in seeing different technical exercises and small sided games.

    – Steve Honey – Australia

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    Tony Wallis

    Joining Elite Soccer becuase it has been really helpful in creating new, fun and effective training sessions.

    I coach women in D2 and the level of play is very good so having high quality sessions that are fun and help create a picture of how we want to play and really important.

    Sometimes I modify the sessions a little to fit our team. The concepts are great so I can take them and teach the concept in a variety of ways.

    I clip the diagrams and insert them into our daily session planner excel sheets that we use for training.

    Keep up the good work!

    – Tony Wallis – Head Women’s Soccer Coach – Saint Anselm College – USA

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    Dave Clarke

    I am a student of the game and like to keep up to date with what the best coaches and teams are doing in training.

    Elite Soccer provides great content and offers me insight into the minds of the top coaches.

    I also like the ability to be able to compare the different levels of coaches in each issue.

    The magazine is a great resource and a must for all coaches working in the game.

    – Dave Clarke – Head Coach – Quinnipiac University – USA

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    Erik Lane

    Elite Soccer has become an important part of our preparation for the season and a great resource as we prepare for specific opponents or look for variety in some of our technical and tactical training sessions.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Elite Soccer for coaches that are serious about their match and season preparation.

    This past season, we switched to a more counter pressing style and there were a number of exercises within your magazine that worked well in implementing our scheme.

    This resulted in the lowest shots allowed and goals against in my four years with this program leading to an 18-4-5 record for the season.

    I attached a postgame photo from this past season after my 500th career win as a high school coach. As you can see it was sleeting but felt great!

    – Erik Lane – USA

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    duncan3 duncan3

    “Elite Soccer is an amazing resource for coaches. I cannot wait to receive each edition.

    I have been coaching here in Australia for almost 40 years at both national level and grassroots and now within a school sports academy.

    The information contained in Elite Soccer has helped me keep my sessions fresh and interesting.”

    Ian Greener – Australia

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