Fun Soccer Games For 9 to 11 Year Olds

Mazy Runs, No Escape, Throw-In Frenzy and Soccer Nuts - the fun never stops with this simple approach to coaching!
Keith Boanas

Make a mazy run before putting a cross in, deal with non-stop throw-ins, and judge the correct weight to stop a ball in a precise spot. These are all skills learned through games with the help of Fun Soccer Games for 9 to 11 year olds.

Authored by Keith Boanas, a 35-year veteran of the game as an English Football Association Coach Educator, these are some of his favourite games, tried and tested on generations of youngsters. They are designed to energise and excite your little players without putting too much pressure on you!

Keith’s skill in this best-selling and value for money manual is to convert basic soccer skills into games linked to fun and excitement and subjects the kids identify with. The approach is not about barking orders but encouraging effort, flair, teamwork by letting the game be the teacher.

This age group presents a slight challenge in that they are more aware of the “real” game – and some games reflect this. The manual also contains Keith’s 25 Top Tips for Coaching 9 to 11 Year Olds.

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Children view drills for exactly what they are, boring and monotonous. If you keep running drills not only will you lose your player’s interest, ultimately, you will lose your players. No child is going to come to your sessions week after week if they are not having fun. So how do you overcome this? The answer is simple, play games.

What can Fun Soccer Games for 9 to 11 Year Olds do for your players?

Teach basic soccer skills. Games are the best way to teach a range of skills. All of the basics such as passing, shooting, dribbling, heading are covered.
Let them have fun. At this age, above all else, children want to have fun. That’s why the soccer authorities in the UK and United States back the idea of fun games.Games are fun which is why we continue to play them well into adulthood. Top soccer matches are still games, they’ve just developed a more competitive, and commercial, edge.
Engage them. How do you get a child to buy into your games? Make them engaging.
Educate. Games can educate your players beyond the learning of basic skills. These games are based on simple rules and educate players in simple ideas such as right and wrong. They are introduced with achievable, desirable objectives.
Promote teamwork. Young children can be selfish, they’re not always keen to share their toys and they strive to achieve objectives independently. The games introduce teamwork in a variety of ways, working independently, in pairs, and in a group. The majority of games require one ball per player so that everyone can be involved even though the games are all team based.

Fire their creativity. These games work, but you should never be afraid to make changes, to the rules, the playing area, or even the premise of the game. You can even let them change the rules. It’s a case of how would they like to play the game as much as how should they play the game.

– Keep them coming back. If young children play a game and enjoy it you can be sure they’ll want to keep on playing. Your youngsters are going to latch on to these games and want to play them over and over again. Ask what game they want to play and off you go. They’ll be back week after week, there’s a big difference between consistent fun and monotony.


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9 reviews for Fun Soccer Games For 9 to 11 Year Olds

  1. Russell Whiting

    Just to say, I have downloaded the PDF of ‘Fun Soccer Games for 9 to 11 year olds’…absolutely brilliant!

    Looking to purchase more guides from yourselves.

    I’m a Level 2 coach at Aylesbury Town FC, coaching under 9, 11 and 18’s, a good mix, the addition of fun to the training works at all ages and your coaching aids seem to have the edge over the standard sessions I have learnt so far.

    All the best, keep up the good work!

    – Russell Whiting – UK

  2. Darren Ford

    The Fun Soccer Game Coaching Manuals will support any coach looking to develop young footballers, the sessions, not only make it fun for the boys, the parents too can become involved.

    If you’re looking to enhance your training, these manuals do the trick.

    – Darren Ford – UK

  3. JT Dorsey

    Fun soccer games is a fantastic resource that offers a variety of skill development through fun, engaging games that helps increase players love for the game.

    – JT Dorsey – The JT Dorsey Foundation

  4. Marc Geary

    The Keith Boanas Fun Soccer Games manuals are great for players & coaches as they are fun practices while learning the various fundamental aspects which make a great soccer player.

    I have personal experience of being coached by Keith on my F.A. Level 3 course where I gained confidence & knowledge from his vast coaching experience.

    – Marc Geary – Coach – Halliford Colts F.C. – UK

  5. Mark Burn

    As an new coach I was looking for new and innovative ideas that would keep my team happy and interested in the sessions that I was coaching.

    Fun Soccer Games did just that, what it also did without them realising was teach them how to play football not only as individuals, but as a team through fun.

    From my point of view as a coach, it made my life so much easier setting sessions up each week and keeping things fresh.

    Ordering the books could not be easier through a safe and secure web site, having the option of PDF download so you have instant access, or, if you are like me having the physical book in your hand within a matter of days.

    Highly recommended to coaches young and old.

    – Mark Burn – Easingwold Town JFC – UK

  6. Jaime A. Barrientos

    The Manual has been a great help for me for the intro of my sessions.

    My students often come tired from school, but with the Fun Soccer Games I get their interest immediately in the training session.

    Also, I have found that you can use several variations to improve their technique and the games can be used as well with older students.

    – Jaime A. Barrientos – CEO Líbero – Columbia

  7. Chris Irving

    I was very impressed with the Fun Soccer Games manual.

    It is very easy to read and understand. I have used all of the drills with my U11’s team and they have loved them!

    – Chris Irving – Three Bridges FC U11’s – UK

  8. Steve Johnson

    I thought the layout of the practices, the simplicity of the ordering process, and the easy-to-use pdf format were all excellent.

    As a ‘non-specialist’ football coach, I found the drills provided a very good set of ‘visual’ ideas for communicating with younger players – even those who thought themselves ‘too professional’ found the fun and enjoyment in the games. Well done.

    – Steve Johnson – UK

  9. Andy Jackson

    “I’ve been actively using Keith’s “Fun Soccer Games” for a while now to great effect.

    Coaching a group of 32 ten year olds is always a challenge to keep things fresh and most of all fun and this product has been invaluable for that.

    Being based in Australia, the PDF delivery option is a great way for international coaches to get immediate access to this content at a very reasonable price.

    I would whole-heartedly recommend this product to anyone coaching younger players.”

    – Andy Jackson – Australia

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As the head coach of Surrey County FA Keith is responsible for all coaches studying the UEFA B licence in the county. His coaching career was built in the non-league game and more recently Keith has made a name for himself coaching women’s soccer. At Milwall, the Estonia national team and now Watford.

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