Make Your Move: The Ultimate 1v1 Survival Kit

Essential tools to teach a lifetime's worth of tricks
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39 stunning 1v1 drills and skills and moves to improve your players in an impressive 5 disk DVD set.

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Make Your Move gives you the tools to teach a lifetime’s worth of tricks to beat your team’s opponents offering a unique approach to 1v1 situations.

For a limited time only we are including 2 bonus DVDs for free – covering speed, finishing and group attack.

In Make Your Move we reveal:

  • Change of direction skills and stop and start drills as well as how to integrate these moves into games
  • Feint skill drills that will easily help you improve your players performance on the field
  • Speed drills demonstrated in detail which are guaranteed to enhance your game

Plus the 2 free bonus DVDs cover:

  • The essential skills of speed, finishing and small group play including nine fast break exercises
  • Over 20 ball mastery, passing & receiving and moves (1v1) exercises focussing on individual skills to break down even the most well organised defences

Disc 1:

Learn how to perform:

  • Change of Direction Skills
  • Inside Cut, Slap Cut, Double Cut, Twist Off, Hook Turn, U Turn, U Turn Step Over, Pull Push Behind, Slap Step On.
  • Stop and Start Moves
  • Step On, Double Step On, Pull Push, Step Kick, Half Pull Spin, 180 Spin, Fake Inside Cut, Double Spin.
  • Drills for the above

You also get seven change of direction skill drills and four stop and start skill drills. Use the drills to teach your players how to integrate these moves in their game. You’ll learn how, when and where you should consider using these moves.

Disc 2:

Learn how to perform:

  • Feints
  • Scissors, Double Scissors, Scissors Step Over, Side Step, Double Side Step, Step Over, Double Step Over, Step Over Pull Thru, Slap Step Over, Step Over Scissors, Step Flick.
  • Feint Skill Drills
  • You get 9 feint skill drills that will help you easily teach your players how to perfect these moves in real game scenarios.

Disc 3:

Even more Feint moves are demonstrated in detail, and learn how to develop and incorporate speed in your moves.

  • Additional Feints
  • Drag Push, Reverse Drag Push , Whip, Drag Scissors, The “V”, Shimmy, Shimmy Step Over, The Hop.
  • 7 Speed Drills

You can practice these must-have moves in the 7 essential speed drills that are guaranteed to improve your game.

Make Your Move is suitable for coaches of players of all abilities and ages, especially those between the ages of five and 16, between which time young players go through the ‘golden years of learning.’

Introducing a skills and moves based philosophy is not expensive as you think

Make Your Move promises you a lifetime of skills and moves allowing your team to be the envy of your opposition at the fraction of the cost of hiring a specialist skills coach.

  • You don’t need any additional qualifications
  • You can learn from home so there are no travelling costs
  • You don’t need to invest in fancy coaching equipment – just a few cones and balls will suffice

You’ll see Charlie, myself (Alf Galustian) and a number of our Coerver Coaches around the world running the drills and games with Coerver Coaching students so you know exactly how to execute everything.

When you invest in Make Your Move you will learn an array of skills and moves to improve your players immediately. You can rest assured they work no matter the age or ability of your team. So please take your opportunity today to get Make Your Move now and your team’s skills will never be the same again.




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Coerver® Coaching is a global football coaching programme inspired by the teachings of Wiel Coerver and created in 1984 by Alfred Galustian and Chelsea great, Charlie Cooke.

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