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Gain a Valuable Coerver Coaching Qualification From the Comfort of Your Home or Office
Coerver Coaching

Take Coerver Coaching’s Online Youth Diploma course to further your technical education and get fresh training skills, drills, games and ideas to enrich your sessions and make your players more enthusiastic and responsive.

The attendance version of the Youth Diploma takes place over two days but you can take the online course at your own pace and refer back to previous sections at any time.

Some clubs cover the cost of coach education – check with your administrator. There is a 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

The course is appropriate for any coach that wants to improve their player’s technical skills and challenge players to improve at any age. The course can be viewed on any PC or mobile device with an internet connection.

When qualified you will be able to plan and deliver more effective soccer training sessions, get ideas to enrich you sessions, and save valuable time using a simple session template.

Coerver Coaching was started in 1984, inspired by the works of the late Dutch coach Wiel Coerver. The course is presented by Alfred Galustian and Charlie Cooke, the co-founders. Charlie was a 16-time Scottish international and Player of the Year three times with Chelsea. Alfred is a leading technical skills experts, working with many of the world’s top clubs.

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On the course, you’ll study and understand the Pyramid of Moves which classifies 43 1v1 moves into Changes of Direction, Stops & Starts, and Feints, and the Pyramid of Player Development, which simplifies the coaching job by breaking the game down into 6 parts.

You’ll also receive training in using the Session Planner, the Session Planner Template, and the Coerver Skills Bridge, a system of graduated pressure training. Finally, you’ll understand the Coerver Code, highlighting the 5 S qualities of Skill, Speed, Strength, Spirit and Smarts.

The course is presented by Alfred Galustian and Charlie Cooke, the Co-Founders of Coerver Coaching.

Why not join the Coerver Coaching skills revolution? It will allow you to:

– Focus on technical proficiency and skillful play

– Make ball mastery the foundation of your game

– Use competitive drills and games to develop skillful, spirited players

– Encourage players to make their own decisions in the game

– Be realistic about your performance whether you win or lose (see both as a chance to develop)

– See success as a process and not just a destination

– Show good sportsmanship, win or lose

– Honour the game and keep developing players with distinctive Coerver skill and spirit

When you finish the course you will receive and official Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma 1 Online Certificate of Completion.

*PLEASE NOTE. This course is only available in North and South America, Europe and Africa

Order now to update your resume/CV and get an updated approach to how you teach the skills of players, and inspire your team and yourself to enjoy the beautiful game to it’s fullest extent.




9 reviews for Youth Coaching Diploma (online course)

  1. Avatar


    “Wanted to drop a note to say thank you for creating the online diploma course.

    I just completed review of all 5 modules and I must say the quality of the programming was top tier. I thought the flow of the course was very fluid and logical while the duration was very manageable. I also very much appreciated the FAQ section in the end.

    In addition, I thought the way you folks continually stressed the Coerver philosophy throughout the course was very helpful in that it reminded me of what the core principles of the system is built upon.”

    MARCUS – Coach

  2. Avatar

    Kristine Lilly

    “Coerver Coaching has history, it’s authentic, and the best soccer teaching program I have seen. I worked with it through all my career, and it definitely made me a better player.”

    – Kristine Lilly – Two Time World Champion, Two Time Gold Medal Winner

  3. Avatar

    K. McD.

    “Charlie I cannot say enough. I’ve been using everything I learned from the course.

    Tonight one of the boys asked me why haven’t we been doing sessions like this before? I asked wasn’t this one of the hardest sessions you’ve had this season? Answer….”yes…but this was so much more fun.”….. they didn’t stop working so hard the whole 90 minutes session and this is not counting the 15 minutes warm up before the session started as they have been showing up earlier and earlier.

    – K. McD. – Coach

  4. Avatar

    Matthew Syed

    “Coerver is a really good way of building skill and intricacy in football. It shows that complex movements and drills can be taught with clever methods and sustained practice .”

    – Matthew Syed – Award winning Times Journalist and author of Bounce

  5. Avatar

    Chris C

    “I’ve just finished going through the course work. The lectures were very good and helpful, thanks so much.

    I definitely got a lot of value out of listening to your combined experience.”

    – Chris C. – Coach

  6. Avatar

    James G

    “Awesome thank you! I got through your course in one night and will go over it again multiple times before the end of the week.

    Your methodology, presented a lot of new ideas and concepts for me to try out with my u8 & u9 academy teams.”

    – James G. – Coach

  7. Avatar

    P.B. Blackhawks

    “Charlie, Thank you so much for the course training and the material provided. In just three weeks from attending the course, I have already seen results from my U10 boys by implementing the Coerver Coaching method.

    Not only have I seen growth in the players, but they are enjoying every minute of it! I can’t wait to use the method to develop the U13 and U15 boys that I will be coaching in the near future.

    With the different variations to each training exercise, there will be something to challenge them all.

    Thank you again for everything!

    – P.B. Blackhawks ’99, ’01, ’04 Coach

  8. Avatar

    Gerard Houllier

    “Coerver Coaching is the best technical skills teaching method I have come across: even after 25 years it continues to evolve.”

    – Gerard Houllier – Former Technical Director French Football Federation, Manager Liverpool FC

  9. Avatar

    D.M. Seattle

    “I’m a true convert.

    The approach makes sense on paper. The kids proved it on the field during the clinic.

    And now, I’m seeing my kids growing. The Coerver system just works. I added the 4 goal game last week. (Would have done it earlier, but I had to buy 2 more goals) The kids were complaining when I asked them to stop for a water break.

    They wanted to keep playing. It has been amazing.”

    – D.M. Seattle, WA Coach

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Coerver® Coaching is a global football coaching programme inspired by the teachings of Wiel Coerver and created in 1984 by Alfred Galustian and Chelsea great, Charlie Cooke.

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