Soccer Attack!

80 Ways to Convert More Goal Scoring Opportunities
Michael Beale

Soccer matches are won or lost in a single moment. Do your players have the ability to grasp the match winning opportunity?

Soccer Attack! contains 80 shooting and finishing drills offering solutions for nearly every attacking problem. The manual provides ideas to train players in a variety of attacking positions, with sessions that suit every skill and age range, and mirror game situations at the same time. Every session requires at least one shot on goal!

By focusing on that crucial attacking moment leading to a goal-scoring chance, you could dramatically improve your team’s performance with the help of Soccer Attack!

Missing out on sitters? Use a finishing circuit. Not getting enough balls into the box? There is a series of crossing exercises. Passing not sharp enough? Hone the skills with the manual’s specialist exercises.

Among the 80 drills: The Two Footed Striker, Yorke and Cole, Crossing Alley, Use the Neutral, ABC Finishing, 1v1 Shoot and Defend, Build-Up Confidence, 2v1 Target Choice, Blind Side Runs, Back Onside to Score, 3 Player Counter, 2v2v2 Crossing Game, 1v1 Finishing Circuit, Passing Wave, Overlap Cross.

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Your players will love these drills and games. Use Soccer Attack! regularly and they will grow in confidence and maturity, their decision-making, skill control and confidence will be enhanced.

The drills in Soccer Attack! are designed to coach players in every aspect of the game, from individual core skills, to team-based attacking strategies. They will provide your players with shooting skills in competitive scenarios, as well as tactical focus, ensuring they recognise attacking opportunities.

The activities are divided into three sections: unopposed build up and combination play, opposed drills, and small sided games.

With the PDF version you can handily print copies of individual activities to take to training. The user-friendly spiral bound printed copy also comes with a handy wipeable cover.

Order Soccer Attack! now and arm your players with the skills, techniques and confidence they need to create that all important winning goal.


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4 reviews for Soccer Attack!

  1. Avatar
    4 out of 5

    Soccer Attack has been a tremendous addition to my core attacking plans & coaching library.

    It's added several progressions and ideas to help make the training fun and competitive.

    Additionally It's been a great quick reference when things tend to change in the practice schedule.

    - Matt Houghton - USSF “B” License - Canada

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  2. Avatar
    4 out of 5

    "We have benefited greatly from Soccer Attack - not only in scoring more goals, but in the quality and the spectacular nature of many of them which has had the parents delighted.

    We started 11-a-side last year (2002 age group) and had a very successful season, getting to the semi-final of the cup and finishing mid table.

    Training has been made much more enjoyable by using your drills and adhering to the principles of developing the player and not letting results take precedence over performances."

    - Vivek Pathi, Glasgow

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  3. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    "I coach Under 13s and use all of Michael Beale's manuals to build training sessions.

    They are full of fast moving drills and games that replicate game related decision making.

    The boys I coach love the competitive nature of Michael's drills and there are so many good ideas in his manuals the kids are never bored because I can use different things every session.

    My players can see how the drills in Michaels book replicate what they need to work on and are enjoying the challenge of executing them in a competitive league.

    All his work is highly recommended by me."

    - Andy McGowan, England

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  4. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    "As a club coach in the United States, we often train multiple teams, each with differing abilities and challenges.

    The most difficult challenge is that we still have a very large population of players, especially on the girls side that do not watch the game and therefore get all their soccer education at training and in games.

    It is critical as a coach I have drills that are not only fun and challenging, but properly paint a picture for these players about the game of soccer.

    Soccer Attack and Michael Beale's coaching manuals are my go to when I am looking to start, continue or advance on a topic.

    Not only has it helped my players play a more attractive brand of soccer, but it has helped me understand how I can improve on how I communicate and paint pictures in the minds regarding what we're trying to achieve in training and games.

    Lastly, when I make an order I get the product, no hassle, no delays."

    - Ben Helm, Head Coach of So Cal Blues Soccer Club

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    Michael Beale is the former assistant manager at Sao Paulo in Brazil. His previous roles include Liverpool’s senior development coach and U23s manager, and youth development officer at Chelsea. He is the author of many manuals including the best selling 64 Small-Sided Games and Soccer Attack!

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