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Soccer Coach Weekly offers modern and easy to use football (soccer) drills, coaching sessions, practice plans, small-sided games, warm-ups, training tips and advice. The resources are created for the grassroots youth coach following best practice from around the world and insights from the professional game.

With our best value 12-month subscription you get unlimited web access plus three high-quality coaching manuals worth £63 / $94 free.

Included in your subscription:

  • Unlimited access to proven soccer drills, practice plans and advice online
  • Easy to coach, age-appropriate soccer coaching curriculum
  • Printer-friendly pages you can take straight onto the pitch
  • Fun games and activities to keep your players motivated and engaged
  • Tried and tested practice plans to help your sessions run smoothly
  • One-to-one support from head coach and editor, Dave Clarke
  • Up to 3 free soccer coaching gifts

What coaches say about Soccer Coach Weekly:

“With the introduction of new ideas picked up from Soccer Coach Weekly, the squad were exposed to new ideas and training drills. This makes a long season easier to remain focused and more importantly help maintain the enjoyment of playing soccer.”
Brett Demetriou, Campbelltown Collegians FC, Sydney, Australia

“As a volunteer coach with the time constraints of a full-time job, I’ve found it so much quicker and easier to plan my sessions since subscribing to Soccer Coach Weekly.”
Dave Scragg, Quinns FC, Western Australia

“Soccer Coach Weekly has improved my training sessions for adults and I instruct my other coaches to use them with kids. I must say that I am happy with what I receive and I will continue my subscription.”
Ivan Casha, Marsa FC, Malta

“We have weekly meetings and the ezine is printed out on the table for our coaches to read and use. If our coaches are ever short of ideas they can always pull one out to help with drills.”
Martyn Rushmore, Cedar Stars Academy, New Jersey, United States

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32 reviews for Soccer Coach Weekly

  1. Brian Haywood

    Soccer Coach Weekly has greatly enhanced my coaching ability and the players love the small sided games which they use to build up their confidence to take into their matches.

    The technique part of each drill helps me focus on what to look for and how to help each player both as an individual and a team player.

    – Brian Haywood – UK

  2. Leigh Matthews

    I have signed up for Soccer Coach Weekly roughly eighteen months ago and couldn’t be happier with my choice.

    I’m currently coaching Senior Women and also the Technical Director at South Adelaide Pink Panthers based in Adelaide, Australia. I find that the variety that comes with each edition in terms of drills and game play can modified to suit my team, but also the juniors at the club.

    It’s great to hold onto each edition and make essentially a bible up, so that when we do have football problems, one of our first points of call is to see if we can address it using Soccer Coach Weekly.

    The drills themselves are easy to follow from the graphic and doing points as well as why we should use it etc.

    The drills are a modern day approach to game situations, and most importantly are fun to implement at our own trainings’s as opposed to having players stuck in a line and waiting for a turn etc.

    Keep up the great work!

    – Leigh Matthews – South Adelaide Pink Panthers Senior Coach & Technical Director

  3. Paul Feighery

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your advice, drills and general ideas. I started out coaching 2 years ago with my daughters team Cheltenham Town LFC U14s and quickly gained my level one badge

    The girls when I first took over were used to just turning up and having a match for training with not much structure!!

    Although I was green as a coach i had played quite a bit of Football and i thought i could do a job, but I really didnt realise how difficult the job of coaching was.

    At this point I turned to various PDFs from yourself and tried to implement a structure each week to training. I would watch a game on a Sunday see the points to work on and turn to Soccer coach weekly for the drills to implement my ideas.

    I have to say it has been my lifeline and has definitely I feel improved me as a coach and more importantly improved every player in our team. There is nothing more rewarding as you well know than seeing things you worked on in training put into practice and working in a game situation.

    In my first season we were mid table finishers.

    This season we have won the league, won the league cup and won the league tournament,we have also been invited to play in a national tournament in recognition of our achievements this season.

    I have to say that Soccer Coach Weekly has played a massive part in me and my team achieving this!!

    – Paul Feighery – UK

  4. Mark Feely

    I have been coaching now for 5 years, ages from U9 to U18 and after a while we all know how hard it becomes if you are running out of ideas and need some help.

    Well I was lucky enough to stumble on David Clarke’s coaching website and it was the best thing I have ever done.

    My sessions have been transformed as has the quality of the boys on the pitch and training sessions are fun, but well-structured as the boys are not bored and messing about.

    Parents have commented and I have attracted new players from higher leagues as a result of the style we play and the coaching given to the team and next season we are going into out premier league as a result.

    Word of advice to all coaches, get on this website right now and take yourself and your team onto the next level.

    – Mark Feely Hoddesdon Town Youth FC – UK

  5. Tony Brita

    I have been subscribing to Soccer Coach Weekly since 2013 and each week’s edition has become a must read for me over that time.

    I enjoy SCW because it covers a wide range of topics from managing young players (and perhaps even more importantly, parents), to improving your coaching skills, to dealing with certain situations that come up in the course of a season.

    The practice exercises in SCW are intuitive, organized and easy to understand. Each issue focuses on a theme (e.g. passing, shooting, team defending, etc) that allows me to structure an entire training session in a manner that starts out with basic concepts and adds more complexity as the practice progresses. I often find myself going back to previous issues when I want to plan a session around a theme on which I think my team needs to work.

    I would highly recommend any youth coach who takes their role seriously and is looking for a high quality and well-produced coaching aid to have Soccer Coach Weekly in their toolbox.

    Tony Brita – NY HOTA Gunners – Franklin Square – USA

  6. Russell Warden

    I manage Lyne Bobcats(U8) and have been using Soccer Coach Weekly since our first season at under 7’s and find it very helpful when pre-planning training sessions as there is always a way of breaking certain drills down and tailoring them to suit what I want to get across to the boys.

    It must be working as in our first season we topped the top division of the SPL (Surrey Primary League) and won the SPL tournament to complete the double in our first season!

    I always look forward to receiving the following weeks issue and long may it continue.

    – Russell Warden – UK

  7. John Huss

    I’ve really enjoy Soccer Coach Weekly since joining a few weeks back.

    In particular, I find the “Tips of the Week” and the “Tactics” articles very informative and have also introduced some of your “Training Sessions” into our practices.

    Keep up the great work.

    – John Huss – Mountainside Mavericks – USA

  8. Devin O’Neill

    Soccer Coach Weekly helps me provide our team with interesting and effective practice sessions.

    The topics presented are very practical and applicable to game situations. I consider your publication a real asset in my coaching development.

    – Devin O’Neill – Western New England University – USA

  9. Jason Wylie

    I coach an U11 team and I started using the soccer weekly from half through our season.

    The first half of the year we were solid in picking up results, since using SCW the boys became used to the new way I was training and the teams’ performance went through the roof – undefeated run of 9-10 games.

    – Jason Wylie – Australia

  10. Alan Roker

    Even as a relatively new subscriber, I have only had a few weeks experience to go by, the content in the weekly editions has actually proven very valuable so far.

    As we all work full time sometimes it can be hard to sit down & plan what to do in the next sessions so a couple of times I have gone to the latest edition & found a couple of drills which were relevant to areas my team need to work on to do in the next training session.

    The information is clear & with the diagrams is very easy to understand & follow.

    So far I am very happy.

    – Alan Roker – UK

  11. Pat Pawlowski

    A big thumbs up for Soccer Coach Weekly!

    I have been coaching for many years and have my programs pretty well laid out but adding a review of your weekly is like adding an assistant.

    The weekly is a valuable reminder of a variety of topics with specific techniques. This is a great way to keep thinking and updating practices/training to suit the current circumstance.

    It is particulalry helpful when you coach teams of different ages and divisions.

    Going back and forth between players of different ages let alone skill levels is the hardest part of coaching for me. SCW definitely helps to keep my thought process moving.

    Win the Ball – Win the Game!

    Pat Pawlowski – San Ramon, CA – USA

  12. Dave Moore

    I would like to say thanks for the assistance you guys have given to me through your articles in Soccer Coach Weekly.

    They have given me confidence in my role as coach and it has really given the boys a real purpose to their training.

    I actually feel like I’m being a coach after all and the boys think their good as well in being able to do the drills.

    After just a few weeks of using your suggested drills the team has responded, both in their results on the field and in their enjoyment of the game.

    Your simple and easy to follow drills and tips have given me the motivation to take my coaching to the next level and I have enrolled in our Association’s Coaching Courses.

    – Dave Moore – Caboolture Sports Soccer Club – Australia

  13. Andrew Patton

    It has improved my organization and my ability to convey the information I want my boys to know. It has saved me time and effort and allowed me more time to spend working with the team.

    Thank you for a great tool in my coaching responsibility.

    – Andrew Patton – CHS Soccer Program – USA

  14. Dave Hodgson

    I help to run an under 7 football team for Whickham Fellside and use the soccer coach weekly on numerous occasions.

    As I am dealing with young kids you have to ensure that the training sessions are varied and based around enjoyment as well learning to ensure that they do not lose their concentration.

    The weekly mail helps me to have many different sessions available and cuts down my planning time.

    – Dave Hodgson – UK

  15. Kaylum Paletta

    I’m a new subscriber, I just started in June and I’m finding the weekly Magazine highly beneficial in coaching my under 11 boys team.

    It provides me great information to think about even if I don’t necessarily use the sessions that week. However on most weeks I’m able to use at least one of the training exercises in my planning.

    – Kaylum Paletta – USA

  16. Srdjan Tepic

    Soccer Coach Weekly is fantastic source of ideas and materials for trainings and coaching. I have learned so much about coaching.

    Everything was so useful especially your free issue of Rondos and some Dave Clark’s sessions that my team found interesting and challenging.

    I work with players aged U11-12 and U13-14 as condition and football coach.

    – Srdjan Tepic – Bosnia

  17. Gary Dourado

    Thank you so much for Soccer Coach Weekly, as a coach in youth football, it is one of the best things I’ve done.

    Every week we have new training session which are easy to follow and easy to for my youth team to follow.

    It’s made our team session fun and real like on match days. No standing around waiting for your turn, all small sided games.

    – Gary Dourado – UK

  18. Tony Green

    Please accept this email as confirmation that myteam and myself are truly enjoying the Soccer Coach Weekly downloads.

    My Team (Pierrefonds Titans) are a great group of U16 Females who compete in the Lac St-Louis Association of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    First up your magazine issues give me a great deal of reference data with regards to training field activities that permit me to keep every session new and exciting.

    I find them a great balance between the Technical and the Fun sides of the game.

    I personally look forward to new ‘Games Activities’ In each issue – since we always reserve 30 mins of our 90 to just blow off and play Aliens or Pool Table for example.

    My girls have absolutely benefitted from the advice offered in the subscription and the data is in a format easy to relay to the team. We have gained so much this year that we have won our League winning the Finals (Aug 26th) whilst maintaining a Clean Sheet throughout our Play-offs.

    Whilst Clean-sheets are great our attacking play has been sharpened to a point that we averaged 2.78 Goals per Game whilst only conceding at a rate of 0.89 over our 18 game season.

    – Tony Green – Canada

  19. Mark Simmons

    Always enjoy each Soccer Coach Weekly edition.

    Each week offers a few great training sessions that help teach different aspects of the game, along with great articles that help continue to push coaches in their way of thinking to benefit the players.

    – Mark Simmons – UK

  20. Bob Parsons

    Thank you for this excellent magazine. I have used and adapted many drills to help the development of my team Cringleford under 11’s.

    I feel more confident in my coaching having subscribed to Soccer Coach Weekly.

    Also, may I congratulate you on your excellent customer service. Having missed a weekly email, my problem was dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner.

    – Bob Parsons – UK

  21. Brandon Murphy

    Soccer Coach Weekly is great, covering different areas of running a football team and providing great exercises!

    It does not just focus on the technical, but provides a holistic view of all the issues faced by coaches.

    – Brandon Murphy – UK

  22. Mark Ellul

    I have subscribed for Soccer Coach Weekly for nearly a year now and have found the information invaluable.

    It’s great that a lot of the drills can be used at many different levels and accommodate all type age groups.

    Although sometimes they may not be suited to myself, I do take some of the ideas out to make it work for me.

    It is very informative and well presented.

    – Mark Ellul – Australia

  23. Mark Belcher

    Soccer coaching weekly is simply excellent.

    The training drills are easy to follow and I can adapt them to suit the kids skill levels with ease.

    I have used the drills from the magazine throughout this years season with excellent results.

    I have witnessed the kids improvement from the opening game to the final one, with several managers commenting on how our team are the best footballing team they have played.

    – Mark Belcher

  24. Matthew Di Spirito

    I’d just like to say that I’m so happy since I subscribed to you guys. The content has been spectacular as always and I love the digital aspect of it all.

    Keep up the great work!

    – Matthew Di Spirito – USA

  25. Lucio Ianiero

    Thank you for reaching out to me regarding feedback for Soccer Coach Weekly.

    I would like to tell you that the resource has been greatly used since receiving my first copy.

    There are always several things within each issue that I have been able to learn from.

    The wonderful thing about the weekly issues is that there is something for every level of football coach from grassroots to the elite coach.

    I coach at a local university in my home town and at an elite level club and I constantly use several drills that I have looked at from the weekly issues.

    Thank you for your wisdom in sharing these issues as I will continue to use and rely on them.

    – Lucio Ianiero – Canada

  26. Martyn Francis

    Soccer Coach Weekly is a must for any coach, regardless of level or experience.

    The articles are fresh and appropriate for the modern game.

    I very much look forward to the weekly additions which arrives just in time before the weekend football and which enables me to expand my knowledge!

    – Martyn Francis – UK

  27. Luis Flores

    Within receiving my first 4 copies of Soccer Coach Weekly my team has already improved their ball possession.

    The drills are great, simple to apply and simple for the boys to understand!

    – Luis Flores – USA

  28. Marc Cox

    I really enjoy Soccer Coach Weekly. I use it as a quick reference to plan sessions when I am in a time crunch.

    With all the new ideas, it is a great source for innovative strategies and practical applications that can be utilized in order to reach both individual and team goals.

    – Marc Cox – USA

  29. Anita Bryant

    I wish I had subscribed sooner.

    It is a great publication and has been very helpful to our team. I especially like the coaching tips.

    Not having grown up playing, or even watching this sport, the publication has helped me to better understand what is happening on the field and what needs to happen during practice sessions.

    – Anita Bryant – USA

  30. Jeff Sauvageau

    The Soccer Coach Weekly is a great tool for me as a youth coach to understand the way the game is being taught today.

    I have played soccer in school in the late 80s and have a good understanding of how to work hard and play hard.

    Recently being brought back into soccer through my children in the recreation level now transitioning into the travel competition level, youth Soccer has been advanced quite far from when I was being raised.

    After watching and learning from some great local youth coaches and taking a course, I realized the need to make my practices and philosophy of the game as entertaining and active as possible to the 10 year old girls I coach now.

    Soccer Coach Weekly kept my mind on the big picture of developing soccer players not just position players.

    We mix up drills and games for both sides of the ball so the young girls stay engaged for the practices.

    The difference is noticed in our matches with a high energy game play and knowledge of the game for our age level.

    – Jeff Sauvageau – USA

  31. Dave Archer

    The methods in Soccer Coach Weekly are getting more success than I’ve been able to all season.

    I believe that this is due to sessions which keep the children motivated, and using language and techniques which they understand.

    In short, they’re aimed at children of our age-group. It has also made preparation of training sessions infinitely easier.

    – Dave Archer – UK

  32. Danny Cruz

    Putting together and using what I have read from Soccer Coach Weekly, plus tinkering with some things to make it fit my training sessions have made our team become #1 in California.

    Thank you Soccer Coach Weekly, for all the information and the ability to get learning after almost 40 years.

    – Danny Cruz – FLEQ SJ Earthquakes U-16 boys – USA

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Dave Clarke is the former head coach and editor of Soccer Coach Weekly.

As well as being a skilled journalist and editor, Dave has excellent coaching credentials, having coached U9s – U16s at grassroots level for over 20 years.

He holds a UEFA B license and is qualified in FA Youth Award modules 1, 2 and 3, as well as the Coerver Youth Diploma Module.

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