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Get expert advice on the safest and most effective way to improve strength, stamina, speed and strategy in young athletes across a whole range of sports!

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“Training young athletes is an awesome responsibility for parents, PE teachers and high school coaches alike…get it wrong, and you risk damaging a child’s athletic potential”

When I first started out coaching, I was guilty of applying adult training methods to younger athletes, I struggled to find a way to coach their individual needs and didn’t honestly know there was any difference. However, over the years, getting qualifications, doing research and working with young athletes and coaches of young athletes, I feel that I have a considerable understanding on the subject.

This is one of the reasons that Peak Performance asked me to put my experience in this area down on paper.

I’ve coached England youth rugby, Great Britain rugby league national and regional age groups and 5 different Paralympic sports for London 2012 and now I want to share my knowledge with anyone trying to improve their coaching with young athletes.

I specialise in training athletes aged 9 – 18 and have written lots of journal articles for Peak Performance on the subject matter, however now I can bring it all together in one handy book. And although the content is not dumbed down, I know most readers would benefit from a book that is jargon free, since lots of coaches that work with young athletes don’t have a formal training in sports science– e.g. parents! Order now to put my advice to use!

“I chose to write this book because I frequently come across frustrated parents and coaches who want to help their kids, but don’t know where to start. The internet has made matters worse, with no “common sense” filter button. Writing this book has helped me reflect upon my experiences and really analyse what works and what is important.” – excerpt from my book.

Training Young Athletes will give you:

  • A long-term athletic development plan (an understanding the ‘big picture’ so you get off to the right start)
  • Detailed exercises for a variety of abilities and sports (one third of my book is dedicated to this)
  • Comprehensive training planners
  • Crucial knowledge of movement patterns and motor skill development
  • The real evidence and facts about resistance training
  • The ability to recognise the different needs of young athletes for their goal
  • The essential, yet often-overlooked ingredients of long-term sporting success (warm-ups and cool downs in particular)
  • An important understanding of care-of-duty as a coach or teacher
  • A guide and thorough understanding of sports nutrition for young athletes
  • A guide to sports recovery in young athletes and how their body copes with training

Over one third of my book is devoted to a comprehensive collection of sample workouts – sports-specific exercises that you can take and adapt for use with your own young athletes, warm-up and cool-down routines, conditioning programmes, and more.

And because every one of them puts into practice the age-specific principles that are laid out in the rest of the book, you can be sure that you’re not asking a particular young athlete to train in a way that is inappropriate for his or her current stage of development.

I even give you several coaching session planner templates – a truly handy time saver for those who are short of time when facing a coaching session with the kids at the end of an already-busy day in the workplace.

The other two thirds of my book breaks down the theory behind the exercises – why certain methods of training works best for certain age groups, genders and sports. This is supplemented by research and a history of each topic that is being examined. Areas of debate (such as the dangers of early specialisation or the risks of resistance training) are also laid out clearly and then analysed in depth.

The bottom line is this: My book is the most concise, practical and up-to-date resource I know, that explains exactly how to work with young athletes – whatever their current stage of development or preferred sport. Plus, as your athletes mature, you need only adjust their training in accordance to the development theories that the book clearly lays out for you. So ensure your training is the best it can be for your young athlete(s) and order a copy now.


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