Return to play: passing for 5 players

Passing sequences are fun ways to get your team used to linking play and using the ball with good direction and weight. You can see a sequence like this put to good use when coaching playing out from the back, counter-attacking and midfield play. It requires practice in technique and skill.

England FA Guidelines

  • 5 or fewer players
  • No contact
  • 2m distance between players

Set up

Set up an area 20 x 20 yards with cones on two corners and three poles a yard apart close to one of the other corners. We used 5 players in the session. Players must stay on their station until the ball is passed to keep at least 2m distance.

How to play it

Play starts at player 1, who passes to 2 and, as does every player on the circuit, follows his pass. Player 2 performs one-twos through the poles with player 3, before passing to player 4. Player 4 plays a one-two with player 3 before dribbling the ball back to the start where a new player has arrived to fill the position vacated by player 1. Player 4 makes his way to the back of the player line.


Passing should be slow at first, then sped up as players get used to the movement. Players must pass with good pace and direction, and should be comfortable working with the left or right foot

    1. Make sure there is 2m distance between the first cone and the waiting player. Play begins with a pass from player 1 to player 2 – player 1 follows the pass
    2. There should be four working players with player 3 in the most space to receive the ball

    3. Player 2 makes a series of one-two passes with player 3 through the flags in sequence
    4. Now the ball is passed up the side of the square to player 4 – throughout the sequence quality of pass is vital to success

    5. Player 4 passes to player 3 and sprints to the back of the queue as the players all move on one place. Players move at the same time to ensure they keep sufficient distance from each other
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