Return to play: 1v1 striker test

Please check out the latest sport and social distancing guidelines in your area, and follow the recommendations when planning training sessions. This simple and fun activity is perfect for using as a warm up, allowing you to warm up your players with ball control, speed and good touch.


Good warm-up to get players up to speed with ball control and movement – turning, dribbling and shooting are all part of the warm-up.

Set up

Set up a 20×20-yard playing area, as shown, with target goals. The box in the middle is four yards square.

How to do it

You need 4 defenders and an attacker and a load of balls in the centre square. The attacker starts in the middle zone; the four defenders each protect a goal. The attacker has a choice of which defender to attack. He must dribble towards goal and attempt to score. If successful, he returns to the middle zone, collects a ball, and attacks another goal. If the defender manages to stop the player, he runs into the middle zone, collects a ball and attacks the goal of his choice. The player who previously attacked replaces him in the goal. The practice is continuous and can be played with additional players starting in the middle for increased intensity. Play for 10 minutes.


Always remind the attacker that he has the freedom to choose which goal he attacks, but must be decisive and clever to maximise his opportunity. Players will soon learn that defending well gives them the chance to attack and score.

Beat the keeper warm up

    1. The attacker has to try and score past all the defenders one by one
    2. If the attacker scores he goes back to the centre to get another ball to attack another goal
    3. This time the attacker chooses to go 1v1 against the defender in the top goal using a feint to deceive him

Attacker v defender in a 1v1

    4. But the defender saves the ball and the attacker and defender swap places
    5. Now the defender becomes the attacker and tries to beat the defenders
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