Return to play: Lone striker

Please check out the latest sport and social distancing guidelines in your area, and follow the recommendations when planning training sessions. Use this session to teach your strikers to attack with strength and presence – to be a strong forward who strikes fear into the heart of defenders. This simple session puts the focus on passing and moving to get into a good position to hit the target.

Set up

Use half your usual pitch. We’ve used four players. You need balls and a goal.

How to play it

The session is started by a midfielder standing on the far side of the halfway line. He plays a ball into the feet of a striker, who is halfway between the penalty area and the halfway line. The attacker should keep his body open to the pitch so he can play a quick first-time pass out to the winger. The striker plays a first-time pass out to the winger and then turns and sprints into the penalty area. The striker should communicate with the winger to indicate where the return ball should be played and then focus on meeting it with a good finish.


Make sure attackers are opening their bodies to the pitch so they turn quickly. Always have a goalkeeper in goal to make it realistic – it helps the keeper learn to deal with crosses and it tests their reactions.

Lone striker

    1. A midfielder just over halfway starts the session with a crisp pass into the striker’s feet
    2. The winger times his run to pick up a pass from the striker

Lone striker

    3. Try to get the striker to stand half turned (body open) so he can pass and turn quickly
    4. The striker must get into the penalty area and connect with the cross from the winger

1v1 striker

    5. Do four crosses from one side and then switch the winger to the other side to give the attacker a good test from both wings
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