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Great way to warm up before a match or training session. Similar to a Rondo but with more physical movement for days when it is cold or you have a practice based on fitness.

Why use it

Great fun for all players before they move to the main session – you can use different skills at each cone.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones Set up an area 25 x 15 yards with a red, green, black and blue cone on each side. We used 14 players in the session

How to do it

Working in sets of three players pass a ball around the area.
After each pass they sprint to an outside cone and back into the game.
However a different action is required at each cone.
Red cone, quick feet around.
Blue cone jump over and turn 180 degrees.
Black cone, spin around behind.
Green cone, run complete circle touching cone with finger.
Change the required response regularly in order to keep the players focused.


Players to practice different technical skills on the cones. Agility, changes of direction. Hopping skills balance on one foot, sprinting.

Pass and sprint

1. Working in threes players pass the ball around the area constantly moving
2. After each pass the player must run around a cone and do the skill required at that cone
3. Make sure the players know what to do and don’t make a half hearted attempt

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