Return to play: wingers

Getting players used to passing and moving in different parts of the pitch is vital to their match day success.

Set up

Use an area half your normal pitch size. We’ve used four outfield players and a keeper. You need bibs, balls and a goal.

How to play it

Defender A passes to midfielder C. C then returns the ball to the defender, who plays a longer pass up to attacker D. D plays the ball wide to winger B who cuts in on the edge of the penalty area and shoots at goal. In the second run the defender exchanges passes with the midfielder before playing down the line to the winger who crosses to the incoming midfielder and attacker.


In this session you want to see good communication, good passing and receiving on and to the correct feet. There should be good pace injected in the session.

Score more goals

    1. Defender A exchanges passes with the midfielder C before passing into the feet of the attacker D
    2. The attacker sets up winger B who moves to the edge of the area and shoots at goal

    3. This time after an exchange of passes with the midfielder, the defender plays the ball down the line to the winger
    4. The midfielder and attacker move into position at the far post to get on the cross from the winger
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