What subscribers to Soccer Coach Weekly say:

Brett Demetriou, U14/2 Coach Campbelltown Collegians FC, Sydney, Australia

“Having coached the boys for the last 4 years we have progressively improved year on year. Completing an FFA game training coaching course in 2016 I like the players were keen for the season ahead. Starting well in 2017, I subscribed to Soccer Coach Weekly mid-season to further help improve my knowledge of the game and that of the players, more so for myself having only played Rugby League.

With a small squad we became a very flexible unit whom were able to play tight and direct when needed but whom could also play an expansive attacking style of football by creating overloads in all areas of the pitch whether it be playing out from the back, the midfield or up front.

With the introduction of new ideas picked up from Soccer Coach Weekly the squad were exposed to new ideas and training drills, this makes a long season easier to remain focused and more importantly help maintain the enjoyment of playing soccer. In the end we picked up the double in securing both the Macarthur Football Associations 2017 “U14/2 Premiers and Champions Titles”.

If you wish to improve your knowledge of the game and are looking for that extra help for training and game day, I highly recommend Soccer Coach Weekly.”

Feike Postma, coach of the girls U14 and U15 premier teams at the Washington Timbers Football Club, Vancouver Washington, United States

Feike (left) with the girls U15 team after winning the State Challenge Cup

Feike (left) with the girls U15 team after winning the State Challenge Cup

“I coach a Girls U14 and U15 premier team at the Washington Timbers Football Club in Vancouver Washington, USA.  I have been using your Soccer Coach Weekly magazine now for the past 6-8 months and it has been a great tool for improving our technical and tactical skills.

The detailed description of the practice sessions combined with the graphical representation make them very easy to use and explain to my players. The girls enjoy the exercises and challenges and the variety keeps them interested.

We used several of your sessions extensively while preparing for our State Cup and Regionals tournament and had good success at both. Needless to say I look forward to each week’s issue!”

– Neil Kelly, Futura Futbol Club, Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

Futura Academy Boys Team, Kansas, Missouri, United States

Futura Academy Boys Team, Kansas, Missouri, United States

“I currently coach a U17 Futura Academy boys team who are back-to-back Missouri state champions.

I have used the information, coaching tips and practice plans from your Soccer Coach Weekly for a couple of years now. It has improved my individual training and team practices for all the players I help coach from U12 to young professionals.

Thanks for all you do to improve coaching around the world. Our boys thank you too! Keep those issues coming. ‘Yours in soccer’ and always enjoy!”

Rhett Asher, Head Coach, U16 Girls, Montgomery Soccer, Montgomery County, Maryland

Rhett Asher and some of his Montgomery Soccer U16 Girls

Rhett Asher and some of his Montgomery Soccer U16 Girls

“I’ve been receiving and using the information provided in Soccer Coach Weekly for about 3 years now, which is about the same time I transitioned my girls soccer team from a recreation league to a more competitive select league.

Since then, our team has moved from Div 3 to Div 1 and just completed an undefeated 1st place season in Div 1! I have learned so much and been able to use all the valuable information to help the girls with things like improved passing, switching of the field, better transitioning and increased goal scoring opportunities.

The girls have really enjoyed learning the many new ways to improve their play, their sense of teamwork and how to create success for all the players on the team. Each season we have no less than 8-10 players who score from all positions due to the lessons learned through Soccer Coach Weekly.

This has become one of my greatest coaching tools and I am grateful for all the work that goes into it. Keep it coming!!”

Dave Scragg, Quinns FC, Quinns Rocks, Western Australia

Dave Scragg (left) and his wife, with their girls U13s team in Quinns Rocks, Western Australia

Dave Scragg (left) and his wife, with their girls U13s team in Quinns Rocks, Western Australia

“I have been coaching junior football for 8 years in England and Australia and have tried several different coaching manuals throughout that time with varied success.

Since subscribing to Soccer Coach Weekly I have found my sessions easier to plan, given time constraints of being a volunteer coach with a full time job to hold down. I have also seen the enjoyment on our players’ faces and enthusiasm to train.

The results speak for themselves with my girls team currently sitting at the top of the league, scoring 82 goals so far and conceding only 2 compared to last season where we struggled the whole season.

My boys have improved ten-fold and are currently pushing for a play-off position for Premier League next season. I put this combined success down to the use of your drills and advice and have recommended your manuals to all of our 53 coaches in the club!”

Raul Cardenas, Youth Academy Director, Coastal Surge Academy, Jacksonville Area Soccer Association, North Caroline, United States

Raul Cardenas (right) of Coastal Surge with his team

Raul Cardenas (right) of Coastal Surge with his team

“The players enjoy every training session, thanks to your activities, we are able to implement these into our training program, use them, and watch our players having lots of fun and at the same time learning a lot.

I am going into my third Season this upcoming August, I have put together my training sessions, thanks to your articles and sessions with-in your magazine, it has made my job a lot easier and always keeping fun for my players!

Ivan Casha, Marsa FC, Malta

Soccer Coach Weekly has improved my training sessions for adults and I instruct my other coaches to use them with kids. I must say that I am happy with what I receive and I will continue my subscription.”

Ivan Casha, Team Manager of the cup-winning Marsa FC, of Qawra, Malta, with his son

Ivan Casha, Team Manager of the cup-winning Marsa FC, of Qawra, Malta, with his son

Martyn Rushmore, Cedar Stars Academy, Rockaway, New Jersey, United States

Martyn Rushmore, Cedar Stars Academy, Rockway, New Jersey, United States

Martyn Rushmore, Cedar Stars Academy, Rockway, New Jersey, United States

“I enjoy Soccer Coach Weekly. I pass along the magazine for the coaches and they use some of the drills. The sessions are easy to implement, and easy to download. We use the sessions and adapt them to our teams.

We have weekly meetings and the ezine is printed out on the table for our coaches to read and use. If our coaches are ever short of ideas they can always pull one out to help with drills.

My 15 year old son enjoys reading it when he comes to my work. I like the different stories and the player and manager views.”

– Tony Brita, Boys U14 Coach, NY HOTA Gunners, Franklin Square, New York, United States

“I have been subscribing to Soccer Coach Weekly since 2013 and each week’s edition has become a must read for me over that time. It covers a wide range of topics from managing young players (and perhaps even more importantly, parents), to improving your coaching skills, to dealing with certain situations that come up in the course of a season.

The practice exercises in SCW are intuitive, organized and easy to understand. Each issue focuses on a theme (e.g. passing, shooting, team defending, etc) that allows me to structure an entire training session in a manner that starts out with basic concepts and adds more complexity as the practice progresses.

I often find myself going back to previous issues when I want to plan a session around a theme on which I think my team needs to work.

I would highly recommend any youth coach who takes their role seriously and is looking for a high quality and well-produced coaching aid to have Soccer Coach Weekly in their toolbox.


– Andy Bjorlow, Coach Colorado Edge U12G White, United States

“I use the information I get out of Soccer Coach Weekly on a regular basis with my U12 girls competitive team.”

Coach Charles, Jefferson Parks, GA

“This continues to be an outstanding coaching resource!”

Derek Ashmore, Director of Football, Greystones Utd, Kilquade, Wicklow, Ireland

“I would spend a couple of hours a week drawing up training plans to have a weekly session – now I can pick and choose from yours.”

Lynn Eaton, Bemidji Youth Soccer, MN

“Just received the new newsletter today and I love it. I quite literally cut and paste sections of Soccer Coach Weekly directly into my lesson plans. I find the clarity of thought and documentation of the same so helpful that I know that it is making a big difference on the pitch.”

– Rob Thompson, Westminster Park FC, Chester, UK

“Concise points, simple layout, fantastic tips….best and easiest print coaching methods I’ve had the pleasure of viewing.”

– Nouira Mounir, Gloucester City FC, UK

“I wish I’d subscribed to Soccer Coach Weekly sooner as it’s invaluable. I’m a UEFA B license holder and managing Gloucester City FC U15’s – the material is something special and has helped me a lot with my coaching at this level.”

– Paul Bavister, Westoning Youth F.C., UK

“I have been coaching for three years and very quickly became tired of the Level 1 FA exercises and didn’t really know where else to get good advice easily. The articles in Soccer Coach Weekly are always clear and helpful.”

Barry Smith, Marton FC, UK

“I came to SCW relatively late and my team are now going into Under 18 level, I wish I’d had SCW available when I started with them at Under 12’s.”

Coach Bill McInerney Stafford Soccer Club U-9 Vipers KS

“Many people are shocked when I tell them that I’ve never played soccer, but yet I have two successful teams— and I owe much of it to SCW. Please keep up the good work.”

– Alan Clark Bunbury Utd, Australia

“No longer are we the easy beats. We have turned the tables on many sides who comprehensively beat us last year. Not only that but we are doing it with style. As a coach my life is easier and I have recently started coaching Under 6 -8 year olds at our High Performance centre, again using the tips and drills from Soccer Coach Weekly which I have adapted to suit to younger kids.”

Mark Berry, Burnbridge Wanderers JFC, England

“I have looked at different coaching websites but this is the only one I have subscribed to, as with most coaches we discuss various drills that work with other coaches or pick up ideas from other training sessions and adapt. Soccer Coach Weekly gives me an excellent source to work from.”

Chris Field, South Park FC, England

“My only regret is that I wish I’d subscribed sooner. My first Soccer Coach Weekly is number 147. The ones I have I refer to regularly, but this means that I have missed out on 146 sets of session tips and techniques that could prove invaluable to my training sessions!”

– Simon Dale, Corinthian FC, England

“Soccer Coach Weekly gives you confidence, and assures you, through “Touchline Tales” that all coaches go through the same sort of issues and concerns.”

Darren Ford, Deeping Rangers, England

“I do wish I’d signed up earlier. Since incorporating some of the techniques from your training sessions, my U9 team performance has improved dramatically. The boys are bonding as a team and have a strong mental belief that they can beat anyone on their day. Training has become better as well, bringing in new ideas makes training fun and entertaining, even parents get involved to support the training now.”

Vicki Velez, DeAnza YSL California

“I have subscribed for several years now. I wish I had access to this when I was coaching U8 to U10. It would definitely had made me a better coach earlier.”

Phil Huck, Cheddar FC, UK

“I joined Soccer Coach Weekly last year and wish I had done so earlier, it has not only broadened my knowledge but led me to be able to train my under 10 to play the game the way it should be played. The session plans are clear, descriptive and concise and above all they create enjoyment.”

Elvin Picardo, Guildford Athletic Club, Canada

“It is something I do look forward to every week.”

Tom Baker, England

“Having been a coach for 6 years, and at only 22, I am lacking some of the coaching experience due to my playing career being cut short by injury. Soccer Coach Weekly has helped me bring fresh ideas into training and matches, and I wish I’d found it before.”

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