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As a volunteer dad, Dave started coaching his son’s team 20 years ago. Now educating 500,000 coaches every week he is a highly experienced FA level 3, UEFA B youth coach, lecturer and course tutor.

He has been at the helm of Soccer Coach Weekly for over 10 years and is also the Consultant Coach on the LMA’s Elite Soccer.

It’s always good to have somebody to ask for advice when you encounter a problem with your team. Whatever your coaching problem, Dave is perfectly placed to help.

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Should players move up an age group

Should players move up an age group?

in Ask Dave

As the season draws to a close I am already thinking about next season and some of the better players are showing they could easily move from the team they are in to older teams that would benefit from having their abilities. How do I make the decision to push them up or not? MORE

How do I coach short attacking passing to my players

How do I coach short attacking passing to my...

in Ask Dave

My players struggle with fast passing in the final third – their control won’t let them use short attacking passes to rip open the heart of a strong opposition defence. Do I have to go back to basics to get them to pass at speed under pressure? MORE

I am enrolled on a goalkeeping level 1 course...

in Ask Dave

In a word, no. Naturally, any kind of coaching course requires a basic skills base, just as it requires a basic understanding of the game and its principles, but coaching is about passing on instructions, techniques and knowledge rather than to perform yourself. MORE

What’s the best way to improve one’s ability to quickly read the opposing team?

What’s the best way to improve one’s ability to...

in Ask Dave

There are a couple of ways you can improve on reading the opposition. The main one being see how they line up at kick off, work out what formation they are playing and that will give you a good idea of the way they are going to play. If you have some notes jotted down in your kitbag you can quickly check out the strengths and weaknesses of the formation they are playing and how you can counter that. MORE

A parent asked how we monitor our coaches in...

in Ask Dave

The guidelines over child protection can vary widely between countries, organisations and clubs, but one rule that should be uniform is that parents need to be given as much information as possible (and access to information) when it comes to reassurance that their child is in safe hands. MORE

I run a team of Under-15s who start games slowly. How can I prepare them so they start more quickly?

I run a team of Under-15s who start games...

in Ask Dave

Sounds something isn’t clicking with the boys. Two things I would do: Play a basketball style warm up game in the penalty area with two teams – five passes to score a point a player tagged with the ball loses it to the opposition. MORE

half time tactics

What half-time drinks or snacks are best for my...

in Ask Dave

The days when a couple of slices of orange were considered the optimum half-time treat are well in the past now and have been for quite some time. Times have changed and we now know that the fructose content can actually cause stomach upsets – hardly the distraction your 10-year-old wants when he’s bearing down on goal and looks like scoring. MORE

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