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As a volunteer dad, Dave started coaching his son’s team 20 years ago. Now educating 500,000 coaches every week he is a highly experienced FA level 3, UEFA B youth coach, lecturer and course tutor.

He has been at the helm of Soccer Coach Weekly for over 10 years and is also the Consultant Coach on the LMA’s Elite Soccer.

It’s always good to have somebody to ask for advice when you encounter a problem with your team. Whatever your coaching problem, Dave is perfectly placed to help.

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Do you let the disruptive player join your team? - Balotelli featured picture

Do You Let A Problem Player Join The Team?

in Ask Dave, Team Management

This week’s debate: The father of a well-known local ‘problem player’ asks if his son can join your team. Do you exercise your moral right as a coach to say that he can’t join or do you give him a chance? Yes – Chris Beech London Shoreditch Youth – “Every player deserves a chance. If every coach turned his back on this player,... MORE

Ask Dave number 1 from SCW issue 474

What to do when your players are of vastly...

in Ask Dave, Team Management

Answer: You should split the players into ability groups but play the same session just make it easier for the ones who are not so well developed – bigger area to play in, slower game etc. Watch how they develop over the season. You may be surprised at how much they have grown or have... MORE

How the hell do I coach a 3 year...

in Ask Dave

The question: I’m a coach of three to four year olds and yesterday was my first ever practice. I was so nervous that I let the session over-run and I forgot the warm-up. Could you tell me what a typical lesson at this level of soccer looks like because I really don’t have a clue!... MORE

How to deal with difficult parents

in Ask Dave

Hello Steve, I coach an U10 team. I have a parent of a player that is being very unreasonable! This parent has made it a nightmare to find a time for practice, once even stating that “she would not allow her child practice on Sundays” when the other parents had no problem with it. Another... MORE

Dave Clarkes Question and Answer Session

in Ask Dave, Team Management

Dave Clarke’s Question and Answer Session   1. Which of these is a CORE skill? A) The stepover B) The corner kick C) Running with the ball Click here for a full answer   2. What should the main aim of a coaching session be? A) Learning how to win and lose B) Ensuring the... MORE

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