The art of the keepy uppy

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This week during lockdown we’ve set up a league at our club where boys in age groups challenge each other to beat the keepy uppy record – keeping the ball in the air with different parts of the body but mainly the foot. It helps to get them to try to do as many as possible because they want to win the league. MORE

Lockdown… what do I do?

in Blog, Team Management

Where I coach in the UK the youth game has been put on hold – we cannot train and we cannot play matches. How long that will last for is not entirely clear but it does mean that I am putting my coaching on hold. MORE

Learning moments in lockdown

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Having weeks without coaching is always annoying and makes me want to get out on the pitch more than ever. I’ve taken to going to the local rec near me with my son and my dog and working out some passing moves. MORE

Five books to give you a New Year buzz

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I always use this time to catch up on reading the books I have collected through the season. Some are a good read and some are coaching plans or development advice and one is my own! The thing they have in common is they all have something to offer to any coach during the break and are a great educational way to spend your time. MORE

Learning at home is key to development

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Tom Byer is out to revolutionise the way children play soccer. His approach is to reach out to soccer parents before their youngsters start playing in a team – learning at home is key to creating great players. He spoke to Soccer Coach Weekly about his book Soccer Starts at Home®. MORE

Why 3v2 helps your coaching point

in Blog, Tactics

What you are trying to coach your players in this session is to look for the disguising of passes with the use of subtle reverse balls, turns and flicks. Movement off the ball and away from opponents is crucial, while the attacking part of the session in the 3v2 rehearses all-out finishing, technique, placement and power. MORE

SCW 480 TT player image

Give your players a voice

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Sometimes my young players make more sense than I do – and that makes me well aware that I shouldn’t always put a tactical side of the argument as a rule that cannot be broken, so I try not to. MORE

Develop players with Dutch 4v4

in Blog, Small Sided Games

‘The Dutch 4v4’ is a small-sided game blueprint that has been at the heart of producing a vast array of talented individuals. It is the Dutch way to pick out problems during the match, create similar training models, and use them to develop the players. MORE

Parents as fans

Changing face of youth coaching

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I grew up in Australia before moving to the UK, so it is always interesting to compare the differences in how soccer was coached in my day. Obviously in Oz, football is still developing but they are intent on catching up fast - from those at the top of the game right the way down to grassroots level. MORE

Why small-sided games matter

in Blog, Small Sided Games

Small-sided games are a fantastic way of getting players to work together to score lots of goals with every single player having a big part to play in the game. Small-sided games are not ideal for coaching player positional roles but they do get players to face match relevant situations. MORE

The night before the big game

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Leagues and cups are coming to a conclusion around the world. The consequences of some games are huge. Never fear because Arsenal Ladies legend Kelly Smith who has played both in England and in America has revealed her secrets for the big occasion – of which she has had many. MORE

Trouble in your sessions

in Blog, Psychology

Disruptive players can make coaching sessions very difficult and the amount of time you spend with those players means other players are missing out on prime coaching time. MORE

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