Ask your players: Why is Aguero so successful?

One way to give your players something to do in this forced break from sport is to get them to pick a player and tell you in their own words why that player is so great. And see if they can name an instance where the player showed his skills that resulted in a goal.

Here is my summing up of what makes Sergio Aguero of Manchester City so great and a couple of sessions you can use when we get back to training again to help your players to play like him.

A player like Aguero will take just a split second to see a chance and hit the shot first time with control and accuracy. When Manchester City were seconds away from losing the title to their city neighbours on the last day of the 2011-12 season, it was Aguero in the fifth minute of injury time who saw the chance and hit an unstoppable shot into the corner of the net. It looks simple but that kind of simplicity takes practice.

He is the type of player who can inspire your own young strikers to greater heights and you, as a coach, can take advantage of this admiration, citing the hard work and dedication that it takes to become a marksman like Aguero. Tell your players that focused practice is the only way to make them the best goalscorer in their league – you’ll find that it’s a good way to get them putting lots of effort into hitting the net during your training sessions.

Often young strikers decide to take just one more touch, and then just one more, in an attempt to get closer to the goal and to make hitting the target easier. But this allows time for defenders to get back and make a tackle, or to narrow the angle of the shot, making it difficult for the forward to score. It can be a big cause of frustration for the coach, so if this sounds familiar, use the activities on the following pages and encourage your strikers to shoot at just the right moment.

Seeing the chance and hitting the shot is not something players do automatically – they need to practice so they recognise during a game when that situation has occurred and they can react accordingly. If you can get your strikers to react like Sergio Aguero, you will see your ‘goals scored’ tally rising quickly.

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