Four ways to prepare your team for the second half

It’s a tough call. The half-time whistle sounds and you’re leading 1-0. You need those three points. The dilemma confronting you is do you try to keep things tight and hold onto your lead, or do you press on for more goals and a convincing win?

On the flipside of the coin, if you reach the interval a goal down, you urgently need to get back into the game somehow. Do you take a risk and go all out for an equaliser, or do you keep faith in your current system and hope you can get back on terms?

half time tactics

You need to prepare on the training ground for both eventualities so that when the time comes you are prepared and so are your players.

Remember though there is still half the match to be played so half time tactics are vital to the way your team plays in the second half.

Here are four of the best ways to prepare for second half tactics

    1. Use this session ONE NIL UP TWO MEN DOWN from Soccer Coach Weekly to get your team practicing for half time changes in tactics.
    2. If they are winning and are facing fast counter attacks you need to get your players to close down. Use this CLOSING DOWN OPPONENTS session
    3. If you are pressing for a goal and you get caught out by a quick counter attack make sure your goalkeeper is ready: GOALKEEPER 1V1
    4. It may be that you need to prepare differently for the next game so use this ASK DAVE advice to get your players more clued up before they start
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