Some notes from observing a small sided game

Some notes from observing a small sided game yesterday

A small space…22 players…a keep-ball!

Tight spaces…subtle angles…timing lines…space…distances…movement …but as important…..mental intensity…the experience of alertness.

Invasion team sports require constant alertness…relentless alertness to utilise, optimally, the cacophony of information that hits the brain and nervous system. Mental intensity driven by active attention driven by intention.

Intention driven by knowledge of environmental information (game-specific knowledge – what should I be looking at, what should I be looking for, what should I be aware of?) X the deliberate practice of being intentional.

Be intentional with your active attention to have mental intensity…every single second…because that’s what the game demands. Trap the experience of mental intensity from a small-sided game – what does that look like? What does that feel like?

Retain the same mental intensity on a larger pitch (always have an intention so you always have active attention so you always have mental intensity!)

Picture that mental intensity…feel it…affectively and kinaesthetically…embody it in training…everyday!

Come matchday…say it, be it, do it, act it…say it, be it, do it, act it!

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