The 2% positive mindset

At this stage of the season last year there were a couple of days when there was enough snow to make it difficult to get out of my driveway and get out into the world. It’s easy, I thought, the kids can have a lie in and I can work from home – no point getting the car out just to get stuck.

But by mid morning the weather had cleared and I know that had I made more effort the kids would have made it to school and I could have made it to training.

But I didn’t want to get out of my comfort zone. And the majority of my colleagues did the same – play it safe it is easier that way.

But when it comes to coaching I am not like that – but a lot of coaches are. Isn’t it nice and simple to do the same old session over and over because, you know it, the players know it, the watching parents know it and you know everyone will accept that is how things are. Try something different and who knows, everyone may hate it. It may not even work!

But for a small minority embracing the unknown is something they like to do – it gives young players the added excitement of something new to test them and even though it is unchartered territory the rewards are much greater both in terms of development of players and making you a better coach.

Getting the most out of your team depends on a lot of things and right at the forefront is happiness of players plus evidence that they are developing in the right way. Doing the same sessions every week will tick neither of these boxes.

For a lot of coaches it is the start of pre-season and for the rest it is the final third of the season. For both sets of coaches it is a good time to get out of your comfort zone and take some risks with sessions. Try to push your players with sessions that you may think are too hard for them and make sure you are mixing principles of attack and principles of defence – don’t work on one at the expense of the other.

So count yourself as one of the 2% of coaches who are ready to take risks to make training more fun and matches more successful. Don’t get taken in by the 98% who want an easy life. If we push ourselves, we push our players and that can only mean more success on match day. Sometimes that success will be in the challenges your players meet and sometimes it will be in the result you get.

One thing for sure, you’ll feel a better coach for doing it.

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