When dads get it wrong (mums never do!)

When it comes to getting things done it is often the most vocal of dads who find it hardest to help out. Why is it that the ones that think they can tell you how the team should play and the tactics to use are the ones that do anything you ask them wrongly?

Early this season one of the dads – who had initially shown some interest in helping with the coaching at the age group his son played in – was asked if he could collect the last of the money that was needed to make up the subs for paying the referee.

Incredibly he had not long been walking up the touchline trying to prise the money out of the parents when he got into a full blown argument with one of the other dads. They couldn’t agree on how much each parent had left to pay and the second of the dads didn’t take too kindly to being told he owed £15 when in his eyes it should only have been £10.

It’s not the money…

And he went on and on about how it wasn’t the money but the principle. In the end I checked it out with the manager and he confirmed it was just £10 to pay.

That nipped the situation in the bud but it would have been a lot easier if the dad had found out how much he was supposed to be collecting before he almost shook it out of the other parents.

In the end it was apologies all round and I think the dad who had asked to help out will not be doing that again in a hurry.

Time consuming

As a coach it is all the extra little things that get in the way and take another few minutes of the time spent with the kids. The parents should be able to sort themselves out and sort out who pays what without the coach having to get involved.

Time is always at a premium on training nights and the warming up time spent before matches. I hate it when it is all interrupted by unaware parents who could be helping rather than causing more problems.

That is why the parents are incredibly important cog in the running of the team. I always get the parents of my players together before the start of the season and explain what help I need and how by helping they are giving their child more development time.

It usually does the trick!

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