Why 3v2 helps your coaching point

When I played the session Short Attacks with my Under 14s the tempo of the session became very high working into the 3v2 which helped with the boys movement and support play.

short attacks part1

See the drill here

What you are trying to coach your players in this session is to look for the disguising of passes with the use of subtle reverse balls, turns and flicks. Movement off the ball and away from opponents is crucial, while the attacking part of the session in the 3v2 rehearses all-out finishing, technique, placement and power.

Try to encourage one-touch play but players will need to use two-touch on a lot of occasions as they look to pass and move. Supporting the pass will be the key to success in matches.

You should pay special attention to the quality of movement during exercises. I also need to check that my players are focused on playing one-touch where possible which will advance their technical development.

A good first touch:

  • Gives a player TIME and SPACE to assess what to do next, for instance, pass, dribble or shoot.
  • Ensures a time-wasting second touch isn’t required getting the ball out of the feet.
  • Enables players to operate comfortably under pressure and in tight situations.

Whereas a poor first touch:

  • Can take the momentum out of an attack.
  • Might result in lost possession.

First touch tips to beat defenders

A good first touch gives players the time and space to assess what to do next – pass, dribble or shoot. It also ensures that a time-wasting second touch isn’t required and allows players to operate comfortably under pressure in tight situations. To have a great first touch, your players should always:

  • Move into position to intercept the ball early
  • Select the controlling surface (boot, chest, thigh etc)
  • Place the controlling surface in the ball’s path
  • Stay balanced using the arms
  • Watch the ball carefully to judge its direction and speed
  • Keep the head steady
  • Be relaxed
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