Quick Coach – Agility square

Get brains and muscles into gear with this quick warm-up for training. It works on movement, agility and vision.

warm up sprinting

Set out a 5 yard square with different coloured cones in each corner and a home cone in the middle.

    > The working player starts on the home cone facing the caller (standing at position A in the diagram).
    > The caller calls a series of colours and the player has to respond by running to that cone, touching it and getting back to the home cone. They must face the caller at all times.
    > By moving the caller (say to position B in the diagram), the exercise changes the direction in which the runner is facing and thus changes their body shape.
    > Players can work in twos – one works in the square while the other one calls out the colours.

Work for 30 seconds and swap around. Perform three sets, gradually increasing the intensity.

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