7v7 formation 1-3-2

Here we look at the 7v7 1-3-2 formation and how it fits in with the players you have in your team. A great attacking formation and one players will learn positional play from.


It forms a diamond in midfield with the sweeper/defender at the very bottom of the diamond. It’s strong in attack and should pick off defences by exploiting space and numbers. The midfield is strong right enough across the park to win midfield battles.


Very weak against balls played over the top unless the midfield drops quickly to cover. It relies on a good defender who is quick and reads the game well. Counterattacks must be watched or the goals against column will soon fill up. The keeper needs to play like Germany’s Manuel Neuer.


The sweeper defender can be successful but must be able to read the game and not be out of position for balls over the top. The keeper can help out to give a more secure backline. Wide midfielders must drop to help out.


The two wide midfielders must work as wingbacks supporting defence and must be active in attack, supporting the two forwards. The central midfielder must drop and work with the sweeper when under attack. It should be very active in attack with three midfielders controlling the game and setting up through balls for the attackers to run onto.


One of the keys to this formation is getting the ball quickly to the front two who, with support from the midfield across the pitch, should be able to make possession count and create scoring chances. It is a very attacking formation.

Player development

This formation really throws your lone defender and your keeper in at the deep end, but it can be a great learning curve for them, developing the art of playing sweeper with one player at the back and creating a keeper who will face quite a few 1v1s. It’s also a great formation for attacking overloads using the midfield and attackers to overwhelm opponents, giving lots of shooting practice.


    1. The wide midfielders must support the attacking pair from the wings
    2. With two attackers the formation will be very attacking, creating lots of opportunities to score goals
    3. The defensive midfielder is a link between defence and attack and has a lot of attacking passing options
    4. The single defender at the back is responsible for playing from the goalkeeper to start attacking moves


    1. The lone defender will have to work hard like a sweeper to cover the whole backline
    2. Keepers must be ready to face a lot of 1v1s if the attacking team gets beyond midfield in numbers
    3. The midfield trio must squeeze the midfield to repel invaders.
    4. The attackers must press the opposition high up the pitch, working together to force mistakes
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