7v7 formation 1-4-1

The 1-4-1 formation has a brilliant midfield but it must work hard to support defence and attack


Interesting formation because it replicates the midfield of 9v9 and 11v11 with a strong centre winning the ball and playing wide. Great for attacking support play with the player up front having a lot of support with plenty of players following up.


Relies heavily on midfield supporting attack and defence, breaking up play and dropping in when the team are defending. Same in attack where the lone attacker needs supporting players to quickly move up from midfield. Susceptible to the ball over the top.


Great formation for players working on their responsibilities in midfield as they gain an understanding of how they must work in defence and attack. Also a good workout for the defender and the keeper learning the sweeper role. The player up front works on holding up the ball and controls the attack with passes to support players.


Lone attacker must hold the ball up and wait for support, and has to go it alone for fast counter-attacks. Needs to be fit and mobile. Will get good support from the packed midfield though, and with fast wingers could benefit from lots of goalscoring chances.


The wide players can be both full backs and attacking wingers. Strong midfield that can play as a diamond with one midfielder protecting the lone defender and one supporting in attack. Strength is in the middle of the pitch, but if it works hard the midfield can overpower opposition teams.


Defender and goalkeeper must work together in sweeper roles, if the defender is caught out then the keeper must be quick off the line. The lone defender must watch for the ball over the top of the strong midfield and cover the back line.

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