7v7 formations 2-1-2-1

This is the best formation for an all out attack. Check out the pros and cons of the 2-1-2-1 formation at 7-a-side for Under 9 and Under 10 teams.


Ideal formation for advancing 7-a-side teams to a more tactical game with the use of a diamond formation stretching from the defence to the attack. Great attacking formation with ability to go with three upfront, making it hard to defend against.


In defence, the defensive midfielder has to work hard to get back and cover the two defenders who can become a weak link if they are not in tune. If one goes to press, the other must cover behind and in front of goal.


Great for giving players a more advanced look at tactics, working with the diamond shape and how to play around that shape. Also good for striker support play moving from lone striker to three in attack.

2-1-2-1 formation


Strong in attack with the ability to go to three attackers with wide players bringing both wings into play. Lots of attacking opportunities will come through the midfield diamond.


The two wide midfielders control the shape of the diamond. It is their job to win or receive the ball and advance play into the opposition half. Their passes into the attacker need to be accurate and need to vary in angle and height to keep the opposition defence on the back foot.


The two defenders work the back and wings with good cover in front of them. They need to be aware of the op-tions ahead of them, down either wing to the wide players or inside to the defensive midfielder. They also have the option to clear long to the attacker at the top of the diamond.

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