8v8 formations 2-3-2

Creative formation for confident teams – beware counter-attacks


A very attacking formation and good for coaching young players how to support behind and wide during the attacking phase. The main threat will come from lots of balls played into the two attackers who can play near and far post or play high and low covering the final third. If the balls into them are good, plenty of goals will flow.


Defence is easily put under pressure, especially from counter-attacks, if the midfield does not get back quickly. Can be difficult playing out from the back if opposition press high up the pitch.


Good to coach young players how to support behind and wide during the attacking phase. A good formation to give your central defenders a lesson in defending under pressure at the back with little support.

2-3-2 formation


Good strong attacking roles here, the pair can cause havoc in the penalty area by playing near and far post or playing as high and low attackers.


Strongest part of the formation but must cover the defence when under attack from counter-attacks or wing play. Wide midfielders must cross into the attackers and track back to cover the wings.


Difficult with just two defenders. They must communicate and can be pulled apart by wingers who will then exploit the space. Must cover across the backline to prevent long balls into the attack.

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