Learning moments in lockdown

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Having weeks without coaching is always annoying and makes me want to get out on the pitch more than ever. I’ve taken to going to the local rec near me with my son and my dog and working out some passing moves. MORE

Harry Winks

How to create more goals

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One of my players loves to score goals... in fact last season when he didn't score he often cried. I've worked with him all last season and at the start of this to make him realise that setting up a goal is just as good as scoring. I'm battling the professional game here because they hold up goalscorers above anyone else but I am also helped by an unusual influence! MORE

Teach your players how to behave

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One of our most important roles as coaches is teaching kids how to behave properly. But more often than not He or she just chooses to ignore bad behaviour. They may be afraid of the consequences of confrontation within the team and with the parents. Whatever the reason, this fear of addressing improper behaviour is doing us all a disservice. MORE

Trouble in your sessions

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Disruptive players can make coaching sessions very difficult and the amount of time you spend with those players means other players are missing out on prime coaching time. MORE

The glory of winning

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There is a glory in winning that should be embraced by both the winner and the loser. When we lose we should congratulate our opponents and think about our own glories and what we did during the game, because although winning is important it’s not always a true measure of how your players have performed as a team. MORE

The 2% positive mindset

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For a small minority of coaches embracing the unknown is something they like to do – it gives young players the added excitement of something new to test them and even though it is unchartered territory the rewards are much greater MORE

The social club

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I was in China last week and one thing I noticed was that everyone was on their mobile phone! It made me realize that sports clubs are one of the few remaining areas where kids get face to face contact and interaction with each other. MORE

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