Building relationships like Gareth Southgate

England manager Gareth Southgate believes the new FA approach to coaching players is key to them going on to win knockout games and penalty shoot outs.

Southgate believes that giving ownership and building positive and open relationships with his players can help England develop into a team who can compete with the best in the world.

 I like players to have responsibility; to think about what we are asking them to do, to have an opinion on the way we are asking them to play and the way we are asking them to train,” explained Southgate to The FA coaching magazine The Boot Room, when describing his coaching approach.

“I think if the players have some ownership of what’s going on then that’s going to help them make better decisions on the field and also buy into the way that we are trying to progress.”

Read these two ways of connecting with your players and helping them to bond as a team:


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