Set pieces

Set pieces are an important part of a successful team and when you are developing your players they need the ability to take a set piece in their locker.

Most young players can’t crash and smash the ball like their heroes can. They don’t have the power to kick the ball so hard that it bends in two or three different directions over 25 or 30 yards. They need something a bit more creative.

This is why I inspire my players to experiment with different ways of taking set pieces, so that they don’t have to rely on power or bending the ball into the corner. I get them to use their skills, movement and a bit of deceit to help them get a shot on target from a dead ball situation.

Whether it’s free-kicks, throw-ins, goalkicks, kick offs or corners you’ll find something here to inspire your team.

Kieran Trippier free kick England

Free-kicks change games

in Blog, Set pieces

The importance of free-kicks cannot be underestimated in youth football. As a statement you may dismiss it, you may disagree with it, or you may actually agree but think that practising free-kicks is pointless. However, it’s a statement worth thinking about. MORE

Attacking corners

How to set up an attacking corner

in Attacking, Set pieces

Watching France score the only goal in the semi final against Belgium in the World Cup shows how well set up teams can cause problems at corners for the defending team. This set up ensures your team will have a great chance of scoring a goal. MORE

How to defend at corners

in Defending, Set pieces

This session looks at the roles of defenders and the goalkeeper in corner kick situations. It’s vital that, when setting up to defend a corner, each man knows his exact task, working as an individual and as part of a bigger unit within the penalty area. MORE

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