Brazil nuts

Free kick • 25-30 yards out • either side of goal

The coach’s view

This was inspired by the set piece of a very skilful Brazil team, who played this free-kick to perfection. It needs space for the move to work, so think about it when your players are awarded a free-kick some 25-30 yards from goal.

You need an angle from where the free-kick is taken but it can be used from either side of the penalty area without a problem.

It needs quick thinking and one fluid movement to fool the opposition and make the free-kick a success. So you need confident and skilful players in order to carry out this tricky move.

Because the penalty area is likely to be pretty crowded, there is plenty of opportunity for the ball to be lost, so your players have to be alert to the possibility of a counterattack.

    1. Player 1 shapes up to pass the ball to player 2, but makes a much crisper pass than the defence is anticipating

      2. Player 2 looks like he will try to control the ball, but lets it pass through his legs instead. He then turns and makes a run into the penalty area

        3. Player 3 receives the ball and plays a diagonal pass across the penalty area into the run of player 2. Player 3 then moves into a goalscoring position on the edge of the six-yard box

          4. Player 2 passes back across the six-yard box to where player 3 has made a run and taps in at the back post

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