Free kick either side of goal

The 1994 World Cup saw the arrival of a 24-year-old Thomas Brolin who scored 3 goals for Sweden who despite being unfancied finished third in the competition. Brolin’s performances earned him a place in the competition’s “World Cup All Star Team”.

In the quarter final against Romania, he scored this clever free-kick; Everyone expected Stefan Schwarz to shoot directly at goal as he was closest to the ball. Instead, he jumped over the ball and Hakan Mild standing to his left passed the ball past the wall down the side of the penalty area to Brolin who was standing in the wall and he turned and followed the ball shooting across the goal and into the net. Sweden won the quarter final on penalties.

Difficulty Rating ☆☆☆★★

The timing of the pass and the movement of players is vital to success or the defenders would read the situation and block Brolin.

Pressure points

A. Stefan Schwarz stands to the right of the ball and creates a decoy by stepping over the ball and distracting the defenders.
B. Hakan Mild runs up and plays the pass down the right-hand side of the box
C. Thomas Brolin breaks out of the wall and runs to the ball to shoot

    1. Stefan Schwarz must look like he is going to run up and shoot from the free kick
    2. Running past the ball this is the trigger for Hakan Mild to run up and pass the ball
    3 Thomas Brolin times his move out from behind the wall and to the ball
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