Score from corner kicks

Corners are a great way of putting pressure on the opposition and teams should press home their advantage with good routines.

Set up

Use the penalty area of your pitch. You need plenty of balls for this and we’ve used seven players in the session, including a goalkeeper. For a more advanced session, you will need a number of defenders.

How to play it

Start the session unopposed and at walking pace before gradually stepping up the tempo. You need a player on the line of the six-yard box and three players hovering around the penalty spot – as the corner taker kicks the ball they need to cover the three parts of the goal: near post, far post and in the centre of the goal.


Set pieces play a vital role in the outcome of matches and corner kicks are particularly important. This session is a good example of how corners can be used to great effect. Young players will find it difficult to get the same length of kick each time, so If you cover all the angles this will work really well.

1. The corner taker should aim to put the ball over the player on the six-yard line, put his standing foot just behind the ball and lean back slightly to get lift
2. By aiming to get the ball over the player on the six-yard line, if it falls short the player can head it on but if it goes over his head it will cause problems for the keeper with players running in.

3. The players running in must look to get on the end of the corner but with enough height and curl on the ball it may go over the keeper and into the net
4. The attackers should try to get a head on the ball and put it into the net

5. Try the session again but add three defenders to make it harder for the attacking team

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