Score from corners

This shows how effective a flick on can be and helps players exploit the space in the box by moving to the area they know the ball will be delivered to.

Set up

You need bibs, balls, cones and a goal set up in your normal penalty area. We’ve used eight players.

How to play it

You need a keeper and a corner taker. The rest of the players need to learn where to stand to make the most of the corner. Put two on the near post, one on the keeper, two on the far post and one around the penalty spot. Try the practice without the ball to begin with so players are reacting to positions rather than the ball. On each of the posts one player moves back and away a couple of yards and the other player moves forwards. The player on the keeper drops to the six-yard line and the player around the penalty spot times his run towards the keeper as the ball is played in. The player moving forward on the near post is aiming to flick the ball on, but if it goes over his head there are plenty of options in the box.


It needs a good cross to get the ball into the right area. All areas are covered so you want to see a goal attempt.

Set up to attack corners

    1. The kick taker must aim for the area in front of the near post as he runs up to take the kick
    2. The two players on the near post split and one moves forwards to meet the corner kick

Movement at corners

    3. The two players on the back post split and one moves back and away the other goes towards the keeper
    4. The player on the keeper moves away to the six-yard line with a good view of the keeper and the incoming ball

Score more goals

    5. The player around the penalty area times his run to meet the ball if it comes into the area in front of goal and shoots first time
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