Throw-in frenzy

Quick throw-ins can catch the opposition off guard especially in the attacking half of the pitch. If teams only have one player who can throw the ball in, it takes time to always wait for him to move from wherever he is on the pitch. It is also good for using the correct technique under pressure.

Set up

Use an area of 50×40 yards with two 8×8-yard boxes on each side, 10 yards in from the goal line. We’ve used 14 players. You need balls, bibs, cones and two goals.

How to play it

Split the teams into two teams of seven – two players are in boxes either side of the goal they are attacking; one player is in goal and the rest are in the main area. To score a team must pass to one of the boxed players, who catches or picks up the ball and quickly looks to take a throw-in using the correct technique. The attacking team is looking to create a scoring opportunity before the defending team can get organised.


This is all about encouraging players to improve their quick throw-ins as a tactic to gain an advantage over the opposition.

    1. Play starts with a pass from one of the goalkeepers as the team attempts to get the ball to a team-mate in one of the boxes

      2. The game in the middle is a normal 4v4 between the two teams. Only the players in the boxes can handle the ball

        3. Here the player manages to make space to pass to a team-mate in one of the boxes

          4. The player in the box picks the ball up and must now quickly throw-in to attack

            5. Players must try to score from the throw-in like they would in a proper match

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