Top of the box

Winning a corner is reason to celebrate but only if you have a plan to create a goal when the corner comes in. Far too often players hit and hope with a cross into the penalty area but this idea will help create a goal scoring chance


Easy for the corner taker who plays the ball in but the difficulty comes with the decoy run and the movement of the shooter.


Clever movement here sets up a poacher on the six-yard line. The key to making this work is the decoy movement around the penalty area. The move is signalled by the corner taker patting his head as a decoy, but it’s not going to a head, it’s going to the top of the six-yard box. On the far side you need a group of players marked by the opposition, making it look like a high ball is coming to the back post. To clear the penalty area send a decoy player to make it look like a short corner. The ball should be played hard and low into the box where one of the attackers has peeled off the back of the group and has gone unmarked to the near post to score. The decoy runs are vital, as is the movement of the shooter.


    1. The corner taker pats the top of his head to indicate to his team-mates that the ball is going to the top of the six-yard box
    2. A decoy player runs towards the corner taker in order to clear the front of the penalty area of opposition defenders
    3. One of the attacker peels off the group at the back post and is able to attack the near post unmarked
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