1-0 down tactics

If you’re 1-0 down at half-time you have to be more attacking in the second half. This session will help your team adopt a more attacking mindset without overcommitting up front.

Why use it

When teams are losing at half-time they have to open up the opposition defence. One good tactic is to get the ball wide and spread play, forcing the opposition to cover right across the back so they cannot get tight and shut up shop.

Set up

Set up an area of 40×40 yards with a 10-yard strip either side. At one end is a normal goal and at the other put two target goals at the end of the 10-yard strips. We’ve used 12 players.

How to play

Play a 6v6 but the white team defending the big goal has a keeper and five outfield players set up 4-1 and must score in the target goals. The red team has six outfield players and no keeper set up 2-4 and they are losing 1-0. One player from each team must go in each channel but only one player from each team at a time. Start with the team of six. Switch teams after every five attacks.


This should be played at match intensity with good movement to pull defences apart. It encourages teams to go wide and attack from the wings. It’s a good set up to put pressure on the opposition and create space to exploit, but it also has players to stay back and defend so the team doesn’t leak goals.

    1. Play starts with the team defending the small goals playing out from the back
    2. By getting the ball wide the opposition have left space at the back to exploit


    3. Now the opposition are attacking down the wing and have left the wide defending player isolated
    4. A clever move has put the winger in to score in the target goal

Losing a half time

    5. Here the ball is played in from the wing for the attackers to chase down and get the goal back
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