4 ways to play out from the back

If your players can keep hold of the ball as they play out of defence, the team is more likely to advance up the pitch and create goal-scoring opportunities.

Play out to keep possession

Here are four of my favourite sessions I use to get my team playing out from the back.

I recommend that you start with Play out of the back with a defensive diamond. This should be your go-to session as it shows players the basics of the tactic with wing-backs pushing up and centre-backs receiving the ball.

A really strong coaching activity will put a tactic into a context that players can understand and show them why it is something they should try to achieve. Playing out to score is a perfect example of this as it demonstrates how playing out from the back can work in a match-like scenario.

Small-sided games are a great way to explain new tactics to youth players. The game 4v4 playing out of defence gets players thinking about how they can pass the ball out from the goalkeeper, up the pitch and into a target goal.

For younger players, try Know the direction of play. This activity from my Easicoach curriculum works on the idea of getting the ball and keeping it to play forward.  It is brilliant for getting young minds to focus on your coaching point.

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